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Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by lexxel, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. lexxel macrumors newbie

    Dec 6, 2003
    Hello, here is my story.
    I've been on IBM systems long long time, since the dos, and don't even think about other system. I heard about Mac (and never had anything against it!), it just happened to be on IBM, like million others. But one day it was over, it is biggest frustration to use wintel pc's, even a simlpe job very often can drive you nuts. I've been so tired to all troubleshoots, crashes, multiple reboots, and loosing everything, reformating and reinstalling freaking windows, all of them, from 3x to xp. So one day when I lost few ours of work and than this @#$% ing piece of junk crashed it was over and I start to looking for another platform. Linux for preety good, but it still running on wintel boxes (I did not know that time it can be run on a Mac :) and i wanted to get rid of this boxes complitely. So one day I met the Mac guy and he showed me his beautiful machine (it was a Power Mac G4, OSX 10.1) and once I put my fingers on keyboard my joy and fun and pleasure begun. I was amazed! I was able to do so many things in the same time with less time (does anybody had even try in windows, for example, very simple task like burning cd and run something else in the same time?, it is impossible in almost all cases, etc).
    So I bought the machine on the next day, it was almost year ago and it is 17" iMac 1 Gz with super drive (now have the Panter and THIS IS AMAZING OS!!!)
    I figureout that what can be done on Mac, wintel users can only dream about. So it was almost one year from now, but my machine is working perfectly with NO PROBLEM and NO CRASHES AT ALL!
    I'm so happy that i did switch, and I tought, why I did not switch many years ago, why I've been going through all this pain and frustrations all this years? I guess I've been so blind and deaf.
    But only one thing make me mad than all those wintel weenies open they mouth against Macs, if they don't even try to use it and have no idea what they are talking about, it's so stoopid.
    Well, let the wintelies complain, let them troubleshoot and reinstall and reformat and fight viruses etc etc etc...

    For all Mac People and for good wintel people (I'm sure they exist :) ) I wish the very Happy Hollidays!!!

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