My Bro' has 57 songs on itunes

Discussion in 'Community' started by flyfish29, Sep 2, 2004.

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    Hey, my brother was/is the drummer for a band called Shooting Star (started with 80's type stuff and is still putting out some new stuff) and they now have the entire set of songs on iTunes.

    Songs to check out: (check out multiple albums as their sound changed on almost every album.

    "Last Chance" is by far their best and most popular- the sample doesn't do it justice- the end of the sample is more representative of the song.

    "Let's Roll" was played in many NFL stadiums the past few years and proceeds go to a sept. 11th victims fund as the song was written about the plane that went down over PA that day. NOt a great song, but not bad.

    Summer Sun was a top 50 Bilboard hit, but never broke the 40 mark.

    Some cool tid bits about the band if you are interested:

    They were actually Virgin Records very first American Rock band singed to the label back in the mid 80's.

    They never got the big break in the 80's due to a bunch of scams, black lists, etc. Obviously my bro is not doing this for a living now, but still has fun with it at concerts around the US.

    The producer of their second album Hang On For Your Life was the producer for Quiet Riot which is why the singer screams on that one. ;p

    They toured with Journey, Cheap Trick, 38 Special, among others.
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    What's up with the recent spate of threads with empty posts?
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    Maybe that's all there is to this thread. "My Bro' has 57 songs on itunes"
    Perhaps it's a thread where you say how many songs your brother has on itunes.
    I'm not sure about my brother but I for one have 1957 songs on my itunes.
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    Maybe he means his brothers band has 57 songs in the itunes music store.
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    I realized that after he edited his post.

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