My Christmas wish to all the spirits of Christmas for 2012 iMac 27"

Discussion in 'iMac' started by vsighi, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    My Christmas wish for an 2012 iMac 27"
    -Ivy Bridge (3Ghz Quad-Core minimum) this may be the standard CPU
    -USB 3.0...or a Thunderbolt to USB3 conversion cable ? MAYBE NOT THIS TIME.
    -Maybe we all can kiss good buy the optical drive.
    -Maybe front camera upgrade.
    -I think memory upgrade will be the same 16GB Max.
    -AMD Radeon HD 6990M (or latest mobile graphics card, 2GB GDDR5 minimum) and and and an upgraded graphics card system.
    -Retina Display ... MAYBE NOT THIS TIME.
    -Thinner iMac
    -Less CHIN
    - Led keyboard so I can type in the dark my :)
    -This one is good, let's hope Apple will look into it "User replaceable hdd without screen removal"
    And the last one is the END of Microsoft :))

    Merry Christmas to all of you.
  2. thekev macrumors 604


    Aug 5, 2010
    I'm not sure what the obsession is with the thickness of the imac. You can't do much with the chin without compromising design/stability and balance. It really doesn't have a big chin for the size of the machine. Making it thinner is asking for a noisier machine or one that runs hotter. If you look at the specs on Ivy Bridge the imac will still be sporting a 77W chip at the quad core level. Trying to stuff this into a thinner enclosure could mean significantly louder fans. Look at the response to even minor noise levels in certain imac generations.

    Retina displays aren't available in this size. It doesn't matter how much you want one. The panels aren't available. Desktop panels aren't seeing a lot of innovation in general due to lessened demand. Note how much development is going into tablet/phone display panels. Laptops are also sporting resolution comparable to 24-27" desktop displays. Desktop panels have gotten practically no love and the display manufacturers have all moved to commodity parts. Companies like Hitachi and NEC aren't even producing their computer display panels of their own anymore. Some estimates are that we'll see something closer to a retina display in these larger displays by 2015-2016. If demand somehow surges, maybe they'll devote more resources to this, but it's not Apple that would have to do this. Samsung and LG have kind of a duopoly on this market.

    USB3 will be out solely because it's bundled in the chipset starting with Ivy Bridge. That means Apple doesn't need to really do much to implement it. Intel is bundling it, and Apple just has to update product descriptions and test it.

    Also why do you want Microsoft gone? The only thing that would accomplish is job loss. If anything expect a comeback. Windows 7 was a noticeable step in the right direction, and Bill Gates seems to be returning. I don't think they're going anywhere, but there's no reason Microsoft needs to die for Apple to remain successful.

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