My Conclusion: V-moda Vibe Duo or Etymotic hf2 or Ultimate Ears 5vi

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Dominus, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Dominus macrumors newbie

    Nov 28, 2008
    I have tried all three of these and thought I'd post my opinion of the best, since so many people google for this search, and usually only find responses that have tried one or two.

    The Winner: 5 vi. They had the most compelling sound when listening to music, by far. The sound was extremely detailed, to that point where you hear things in the music you've never heard before, and the bass rich and compelling. They were the most comfortable, too. My friends reported this mic as by far being the best-sounding. The only downsides are that i'm not used to the upside-down way you put them in, and the button placement is comfortable and has a great tactile feeling, but I have bumped the button at least once already by mistake, after owning them for a few days.

    The V-moda Vibe Duo, let me tell you, the reports are accurate. They sound great while they work. But they break so easily. A couple of years ago, I went through an original pair of vibes for my ipod, and the company was great about replacing them, but I eventually broke two sets of vibes and one vibe duo. The vibe duo is a waste of money once one of your monitors stops working! And the nylon cord creates horrible nylon-swishing sound during movement.

    The Etymotic hf2. I swear, these things get rave reviews and I do not understand it. I have honestly drawn the conclusion they are either crap or I had a defective pair. I followed the insertion instructions painstakingly. I tried different earpieces and different positions. Even hf2 lovers will admit, these phones have nothing for bass-lovers. Hey, I like bass in my music, so sue me. But more than that, I heard actual static from these things. I tried them and tried my best to wear them properly but they sounded staticy and tinny. And people either said i was very muffled or flat out could not understand me on the mic. I had a horrible experience with these. I was so pleased I was able to return these for a refund. It does have the best carrying case, that's all I've got for you here.

    Frugal iphone users will certainly find the cost of these sets laughable, because they all cost about as much as the iPhone's purchase price!

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