My crazy journey to that rare bird • AT&T iPad2 aka "All Taken & Traveled" away!

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Maybe my experience will help others find an iPad2, or the real rare bird the iPad2 AT&T.

    First off, I could have never found any iPad2s but for the great resource we have here at this forum. Yay.
    Second, luck and lots of time and work. That's what it took.
    and this is from an Idiot! that was awake at 3AM Fri at and was 1 click away from 2-3 day shipping! Long story, I wasn't going to get an iPad2 cause I have a Unlimited plan iPad1.
    but... after seeing one at BeastBuy I got caught up in it all days later.

    I could see that the retail store route was a big pain of failure for most, esp for an ATT model. here in slechy Austin, forget it and with SXSW and the 'Popdown' store, it was a frenzy.

    My first iPad2 catch was via the poster 'leftPCbehind209' Bravo! who alerted this lucky and no-other-lifer of the B&H Photo Sunday After sale! This store closes early Fri and on Sat, so, voila! they had ipad2 Wifis for sale (I was told 400) on the Sunday after launch. very luckily, I got one, delivered in 3 days! Wonderful. but I really wanted a 3G AT&T.

    I read here about rare finds at Target or Walmart, or Wifi dribblings from apple stores, so my focus became Craigslist. Takes lots of time and craziness. A 32gb black ATT posted 930a yesterday, emailed him instantly, he replied with a phone #. I called, he already had a deal set at 1pm but if I could come within the hour and beat that deal it was mine.

    I left work fast, rushed to the bank in crowded downtown with lost or sleepy SXSWers.
    Called the guy 3 or 4 times to keep him assured that I was on my way. I have had other CL deals crash on the way. Got to his work and did the deal. An opened model, but all complete and clean. Said he got it in line Sat morning at the Austin Popup (aka Dropdown) store. He wanted a 16gb ATT instead, good luck with that. Paid $100 over.
    Sold the sealed 16gb WIfi, 30 mins later. profit of sale of the wifi easily recovered the $100.
    I don't really recommend big cash CL deals, due to dangers, and I usually have a friend go with me, but desperate times...

    Well that's my tiring journey to an ATT iPad2. Now just need to transfer the Unlimited plan and sell the ipad1. and wait for jailbreak.

    Best of luck, I hope something changes and supply is eased but I don't see how with the global launches and ATT demand.
    Any AT&T buyer should definitely have one on pre-order at Apple as the backup plan ( I did). The idea of maybe one in hand in a little over a month is not too terrible.
    good luck and be safe!

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