My Dream Machine? or Tease?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by daveg5, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. daveg5 macrumors 6502a

    Nov 28, 2001
    i wonder if the slower ones have 450MHZ buss and the dual has a 500MHz bud double rated of cource with faster ram, like the original mdd's.
    if its a hack its a good job, without a picture of the g5 i will wait for steve to make it official, why release specs and no pic.
    if they dont deliver the hacker should go to jail as this can ruin thier sales if they only have 1.4 GHZ singles
    Thank you god my prayers have been awnsered!!!
    Better late then never.!!
    Wooo Hoooo!
    as a musician i have never failed to complain about apple's lack of upgrading thier early 90's soundmanager engine and actually degrading by using mini slots, instead of rca and taking the inputs off of certain macs, not to mention its lack of support for 24bit audio in itunes, imovie, idvd, and other mac apps while at the same time boasting macosx 32bit/96-192 possibilities.
    i remember the first two comptuers with built in midi ports and support, the yamaha cx5m and the atari st and i still have an st with logic version 2.5, but no longer a harddrive to run it from, that was the most stable and titest midi program ever. no crash in almost 10 years.
    anyway i digress the leaked 1200 amjune 20th 2003 stats make me very happy, not only can i use the 10000 rpm raptor on the sata 150 megabyte per second which is equal at most things to it's scsi counterparts incuding price but not transfer speed. can also use tth pcix slots to trully take advantage of 320megabyte per second scsi and 15000 rpm drives woo hoo.
    Apple should have kept OS9 booting on all macs up to this, cause these are what is really needed to take full advantage of it. I am glad i kept my original BW G3 600G$oc and look forward to my dual this xmas providing the cost is around $2500 or so. I will keep my BW for OSX and my many OS9 only apps and games and edu programs that run better and sometimes only in OS9. hopefully someone will hack OS9 capabity into one of these for deus ex and alice and a few others but no problem, as a game player i cant wait to see fps compared to the 3GHZ plus P4 and the 1.8GHZ 64bit AMD chip with 2MB cache. you know i waited so long i dont even care how it looks as long as it is stable and fast and has good quality and run Panther/Jag well.
    Hopefully Ati and Nvdia will finally release up to date (pc timetable) video cards as i am dieing to see what a 256MB 9800 will do optimzed for 2 processors.
    will mp3 and dvd encoding be instaneous?
    Apple has got to price these right and they will gain market share too high and they will stay the same starting at 1.6 leaves room for the powerbooks and other macs to move up in speed.
    the cpu upgraders, sonnet and powerlogix better lower thier prices quick or risk being sattled with a lot of inventory same for the used powermac market

    A new era has arised!!
    Now my name makes sense after all
    says peace
  2. RandomDeadHead macrumors 6502

    Feb 8, 2003
    All I want from these new machines is for OSX to be just as "snapy" as OS 9 was, so those os9 loyal people would finaly ****. (you know who you are)

    A 1ghz bus sounds absolutly astounding. What the hell would I do with a bus that fast?

    I don't know, but I would Love to find out:D
  3. daveg5 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Nov 28, 2001
    i am one of those OS9 loyal ones , but i use JAg to and am haapy with both and also i have a lot of os9 only apps that dont work in classic so i will be keeping my BW for that and to test things out on before i risk it to my new powermac this xmas. os9 is snappier on my slow machine, but in the 970 we will finally have a proceesor worthy of osx experience.
    There will always be loyal OS9 users, 7.5 users even my old atari gets booted up from time to time, and there is nothing bad with that, osx has finally arrived with the new 970 and hopefully better drivers for scanners and special features in printers and mature audio software and quark.
    No once the economy picks up and unemployment goes down, Apple may be on a roll.
    They need agressive pricing i mean agressive pricing on the newer machine, wholesale discounts on the old and agressive pricing on panther, at least for jag owners, not $129 each year please.
    great hardware, software, at value pricing with great looks and quality will go a long way in convincing the 75% of macusers that have not switch to osx yet, not to mention window users.
    Actually they did the right thing that let us be the guinea pigs on our slow machines and are purchases of 10-10.1-and 10.2, and now we can all hopefully reap the awards together.
    all mac users os9 incuded.

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