My Experience Exchanging iPhone 5S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CJLevinsk22, Oct 16, 2013.

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    So I was one of the nuts that stood outside my local Apple Store in Cincinnati on launch day. I was around #40 in line, and thought at the time I would definitely get the Silver AT&T iPhone I wanted. Sure enough, I was disappointed when I had to walk away with a Space Gray. Apple store employees were sympathetic, and encouraged me to come back within 30 days to exchange it for the color I want.

    After 3 weeks of checking on inventory, I continued to strike out. On a whim, I called my local AT&T store, who happened to have it in stock! I explained my situation, and AT&T said as long as Apple "Restored my upgrade" when I returned the phone, there should be no issues.

    When I went to the Apple Store, that's where I hit my first snag. The handheld device they use informed the Rep that I was within Apple's 30 day window, but beyond AT&T's 14 day policy. He said they would gladly take the phone back, but I would have trouble on the AT&T side.

    I left the store with my phone and called AT&T. They asked for a contact number to call me back so they could "research" the issue. About 20 minutes later, I got a call back with the official answer: As long as Apple returned the phone, and I came into my AT&T store with my original purchase receipt, return receipt, both with the IMEI, they would let me buy the silver 5s as an upgrade.

    I went back to Apple, returned the phone, went right to AT&T and was able to walk away with the Silver 5S I wanted.

    Long story short - the 14 day carrier policy on service can make returns/exchanges tricky with Apple's 30 day policy. I got the impression they were making a very generous exception. Those still looking to exchange their launch-day Space Gray for something else, take note. The 30 day window is quickly approaching!
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    So you had pretty much no problem beyond being given bad information by the Apple store employee (who in my experience know nothing about AT&T policies)?

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