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Jun 28, 2002
North Central Colorado
We've got plenty of threads griping about why people don't like where they live - it's too small, income is too low, too far from an apple store, rains too much, too cold, too hot, people are too crabby, etc. Let's make this thread a rolling commentary on why you actually LIKE where you live, and use it as an invitation for other people to come and visit your little corner of the globe that may know nothing about it. I'm just as guilty of griping about my surroundings as the next person, but I had a fresh oyster poboy on a 5 minute notice tonight which got me thinking.

My good reason to live in Louisiana is that I get some of the freshest, tastiest seafood in the world, cooked spicy, the way I like it. I like the fact that when I forget to defrost the meat for dinner, I can go and pick up freshly cooked shrimp poboys and catfish filets for my family within 10 minutes and everybody is happy.

And speaking of happy - the old addage of 'Southern Hospitality' isn't just a myth - the people in the Great State™ of Louisiana generally are a very welcoming bunch - especially when it comes to LSU football and food. I welcome anyone who's never been here to come and experience Louisiana. It can be hot, wet, and irritating sometimes, but the natural beauty of this state is hard to match, as are the people and the food.

Did I mention the food? Good stuff. :D


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Feb 18, 2003
I live in Portland, OR.

Here is the low-down on the good-stuff:

*Mid-sized city - big enough to have decent culture, but small enough to avoid many logistical/sprawl/crime problems.

* Location - At the intersection of two major rivers, the Columbia and the Willamette. Plenty of watersports or sailing. I also have a view of two mountains out of my Apt. window. Exceptionally green, and about 1000 camping areas less than an hour away, many of which look like something out of "Return of the Jedi" and many that involve hotsprings. The Oregon Coast, is also only an hour or so away, across more mountains. Oregon beaches allow fires and unofficially camping and drinking.

* Transportatation - I have a car, but I rarely use it. In downtown Portland, there are trams, lite-rail and bus service, which is all free. Lite-rail streches out to the east part of the city on arterials, supplemented by bus service. Tickets transferable. Can get anywhere in the city for around $2. City is small enough to walk where you are going in many instances, and if you have a bike, you are in good shape. There are official skateboarding routes as well as bike lanes. ( one of the top-rated bike-friendly cities in the Nation.)

* Weather - Temperate. A little wet and dreary come winter, but beautiful for 3/4 of the year. There are actual seasons. Even when wet, the greens are even brighter.

* Misc - There is no sales tax here, and Oregon has the second-highest minimum wage in the country ($7.05 behind WA w/ $7.18 I think). Tipped employees get full min. wage. More coffee than you could ever need, and a wide variety of Bars and music venues. Three hours to Seattle, six to Vancouver BC. Plenty of skiing/snowboarding in the winter. Cheap rental market. Brick ampitheatre-styled public square in middle of downtown. Host to events such as sand-sculpting contests to various bands, as well as just people-watching. Most people ignore Oregon, which is a good thing.

Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, and (oh wait, today it's raining)... Well, mostly sunshine. Beaches. Shopping. Nightlife. Movie theaters and Apple stores every 100 feet. A million places tourists like to go, as long as they have a car. Day trips can get you to either mountains or deserts.

A pretty accepting attitude about everything, except no smoking in restaurants. A relaxed dress code. People of every race and background, speaking dozens and dozens of languages. Any type of food you might want.

We even have a little art and other culture here.

Read the thread Anyone living in LA for more information.


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Jun 3, 2002
Mild temperatures in the summer (usually). This summer was a bit chilly. I live in a small town, and it's usually pretty quiet. I live 30 miles from 3 large cities, so I have a choice of places to go if I need something. If I go north, I can get into a very rural area that is quiet and peaceful. There is nothing like Michigan. But I concede that Oregon is a VERY close 2nd. I went there to visit my brother-in-law and his fam, and they took us to the mountains. :) :) :) :) Beautiful!


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Aug 2, 2004
Chicago area

I love where I live. Suburb of a large city, but we live in an unincorporated area, so we have quite a bit of "personal" space.

Schaumburg - home of one of the largest under-roof retail areas in the country (Woodfield Mall), which happily, is also home to an Apple store.

Close to transportation of all kinds (world's busiest, and most delay-prone, airport - O'Hare, trains, expressways).

Plenty of good food of all kinds.

Beautiful weather. At least 36 days a year, that is.

Close to the city proper - sports (so to speak), cultural attractions (museums, opera, theater, etc.), wonderful restaurants, and a beautiful skyline.


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
Andover, MA.
  • 15 minutes from Apple Store in sales-tax-free New Hampshire (one of 3 or 4 stores within 30 minutes).
  • 20 minutes from Boston.
  • A mile from where "W", er, distinguished himself as a cheerleader (Philips Academy).
  • Almost half-million-dollar house with the modest appearance of a $75,000 house in most parts of the country (well, maybe that part isn't a plus).
  • Half a dozen whale watches within a 30 minute drive.
  • Maine in 25 minutes. Rhode Island in 90 minutes or less. New York (state) in two and a half hours.
  • Beautiful fall foliage.
  • Ball drops in Times Square at the "right" time.... (of course, that applies to all entire Eastern Standard Time areas).
  • Much closer to Red Sox than Yankees.


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Oct 20, 2002
I love living in Boston. I'm only 10 minutes away from my local Apple Store. Live near the ocean, so its easy to visit the beach. Our summer weather is tolerable due to the ocean, nice sea breeze. I enjoy the winter here also. I can travel where I want easily using the MBTA. Have friendly helpful neighbors. Think that I have one of the best church and senior pastor in the country.

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
My good reasons to live in London:

• extremely diverse, people from all over the world live here
• an incredible amount to do (galleries, clubs, live music, you name it)
• easy & cheap gateway to other European destinations
• big enough to be anonymous in if that's what you want
• very tolerant: Londoners have seen it all, a great city for individuals
• currently buoyant job market
My Small Town in New Jersey
-Near the capitol
-My job is a quick 20 minute drive into Princeton
-I get to work at a small Independent Apple Store where I get to sell and repair macs
-Schools are good, Seniors get free parking
-It's a true small town, a wooded Main Street, shops, a good pizza shop, and places to hang out
-Its only 45 minutes to Philly and 1.5 hours to NY via 95
-Shore is only 30 minutes away
-Good shopping
-A good mac users group in the area


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Jun 25, 2002
Gone but not forgotten.
Philadelphia, PA (I'm going home as soon as I can.)
  • Good food
  • Hard workers
  • It's close to NYC, NJ, D.C., and a Japanese mall
  • Utz potato chips
  • Excellent cultural outlets
  • Good public transportation
  • Good Japanese food available
  • Excellent universities
  • Linguini and clam sauce
  • It's not Orlando
  • Did I mention the food?


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May 11, 2004
fig tree
i dont technically live in san antonio; i live in castle hills, a city of about 4k people that's surrounded by san antonio. i hate living here...but there's some good stuff
MEXICAN FOOD! vacationing lots of places in the US and not being able to get good mexican food is always a drag...
the Spurs
it's like a giant small town. we have like cmiw 1.2million people but it's so spread out that, except for a small downtown, it all feels like the suburbs.
i live 5 minutes from the phone company so i get fast DSL :p
the San Antonio symphony. we have 1 major sports team, no real theater district and a decent opera but a really good symphony.
Sea World needs no explanation
we have an awesome mall (unfortuanately sans an apple store) in north star mall, and the quarry's awesome too
the riverwalk with all its shops and restaurants and such, with the hard rock cafe right next to it, and rivercenter mall on it
hemisfair park, with the tower of americas and the institute of texan cultures (that's an awesome museum)
life's cheap, especially gas prices
pretty much i hate it because it's a scorching hot hellhole in the summertime and the same in the winter, there's not really much besides that to do and it's not philadelphia, my favorite city...


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Oct 8, 2003
San Diego, CA
-mid-sized city, not as large as LA
-around 20 minutes from either of two Apple Stores
-great weather year round, with cool summers and warm winters (for example, it rained for the first time in six months this week)
-surfing year round
-very vibrant, diverse community
-around half an hour away from Mexico, an hour or so away from LA
-interesting history, having the first mission established in California, and thus some unique Spanish influences


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Sep 30, 2003
Providence, RI
Hmm.. there is nothing really good about Providence. The schools suck. Not many trees. On the upside, it is only one hour away from Boston! (either by car or MBTA.)


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Jul 4, 2004
Huntington Beach, CA.

Kinda stuck here right now, not that it isn't a bad place to live, but I am going to make my way back to Marin county eventually.

Marin County?
The people, they go a long way in making a place nice to live in.
The environment, there is a good balance between nature and peoples needs.
The weather, I like to have season.
Close to Cupertino.
Close to San Fran.
A wide variety of different cultural activities.
It's not behind the Orange Curtain.
Less commercialized.


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Jul 17, 2004
San Diego, CA.

Enough said.

Nice weather...even when it rains it is "nice." Beach is 20 minutes away, mountains 1 hour and 50 minutes... everything is so nice. :)


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Jul 22, 2002
Tacoma, WA
Steilacoom, WA:

Got an EXCELLENT job in Dupont, WA (look what big tech company is there :-D)
Close to seattle which I think is the second best city after Boston.
Close to portland which I must say is beautiful
Great sea food
Chance to experience the west coast (I'm a Boston native)

After all of that, I must say, I'm an East coast kind of guy.



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Nov 17, 2003
Madison, Wisconsin

The dowtown area that I live in is an isthmus between to good sized lakes. From my apartment I can see both.

College Campus, so its has a variety of people from across the US.

At one point we had more restuarants per capita than any where else, not sure if it still applies, but good places to eat non the less. Lots of bars.

A beautiful capital (very similar to the one in D.C) that sits atop of a hill, between the two lakes.

State St, a street with no cars allowed on it, and many locally owned businesses.

Winter brings with it snow, and a white elegance as well. Youll see many families out ice skating together.

Fresh Milk.

A college tech store, which gets all the new Apple stuff, and sells at the academic prices.

A strong bus system.

Large Corporations such as Oscar Mayer, The University of Wisconsin, and Truax field lead to a stable job market.

Was voted the best place to live in the US some years back.


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
latergator116 said:
Hmm.. there is nothing really good about Providence. The schools suck. Not many trees. On the upside, it is only one hour away from Boston! (either by car or MBTA.)
The zoo there is better than Boston's....


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May 10, 2004
I Come From A Land Down Under
Caringbah NSW is great because...

Close to transport; *****(City)Rail as about 1km from my house, and if the trains ever run on time, you can catch one from there into the city, without changing lines, unlike some of the others, there are busses that run on the nearest main road to me, which is 100 meters away, and the roads themselves, are mediocre, not nearly as good as those in Europe though.

Close to the Port Hacking River, and Cronulla Beach, PHR is one of my favorite spots to unwind, and relax, and in the Royal National Park, you could be anywhere in the world, but are really 10 mins from civilization. Cronulla Beach is where I also spend alot of my time, i.e. Wife, sunbathing, beach.

Close to family, My family (3 generations are here), my wife's family are here too, but they only moved here after we got married.

I like where I live, and can't see myself moving anywhere any time soon (I hope)


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Aug 20, 2003
sitting on your shoulder
latergator116 said:
Hmm.. there is nothing really good about Providence. The schools suck. Not many trees. On the upside, it is only one hour away from Boston! (either by car or MBTA.)
Yeah Rhode Island sucks so much... :p

Anyways, this is what I like here:
Winter!!!! (I love snow, but I WANT MORE!!!)
Fall Foliage
about an hour from Boston (50 or so by train 40 mins in light traffic, 30 if I drive :D)
three hours from NYC (could use an extra hour in there... :p)
easy weekends in Montréal or Quebec City.
single day ski trips to NH
You can get anywhere in my state in an hour or less (except the islands).
There's one of almost everything within 10-15 minutes (yes, even Tim Horton's and Arby's!)
the Atlantic Ocean is never more than a 30 minute drive away from you anywhere in the state
Things I hate:
It's suburbia (that should be self-explanatory)
erm, that's pretty much it, except the complete lack of financial support for arts in my town's schools.


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Jul 26, 2004
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, NSW, Australia

* The Australian culture is really laid back and tolerant, multiculturalism is on the whole valued.

* The weather has mood swings. A week or two ago, it hit 102F and then the weather this week dropped down to 59F. Oh the fun of pulling out the heater, then the fan, then the heater, then the fan...normally it's quite moderate. :)

* Accessibility: you can get buses, trains, taxi's, light rail to just about anywhere from just about anywhere.

* Surburban houses are still the majority despite the increase apartment complexes (rapidly increasing population). I LOVE my backyard (pets) and my neighbours. The kids can freely jump next door and muck around with their kids, it's way cool.

*Sights like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are just absolutely breaktaking no matter how often you see it.

* We can say "mate" and not be punched in the face for thinking that we're referring to our spouses or something. The Australian vernacular and accent is pretty cool as well.