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    Feb 18, 2002
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    Note: I thought there was a thread titled this already but couldn't find it.

    I installed last night and went to bed happy. The specs of my comp are below.
    Here are my first impressions. I'll post more as I play more.


    Type of Installation: Erase and Install

    My Scale:
    * - Bad, Much Worse than Jaguar
    * * - Poor, Worse than Jaguar
    * * * - OK, On par with Jaguar
    * * * * - Good, better than Jaguar
    * * * * * - Great, way better than Jaguar

    GUI Speed: * * * * *
    Snappy, windows appear to move around faster, no hangups like before. Compared to Jag

    Finder: * * * *
    Love it, useful - Had problems connecting to my PC but it turned out to be user error.:) - I needed to go in and make sure my username was correct. I had renamed my computer differently on setup.

    Expose: * * * * * (new feature)
    Wow, really useful - don't think f9-f11 are the best keys for those that use their right hand on the touchpad. Beauty of it is that you can change it to whatever key you want. Without a mouse I'm using the hot spot corners. Very cool.

    Startup: * * *
    No noticeable speed gain here but since I don't restart very often I never really cared. :D

    On restart it brought up a black box that said I needed to restart again. After that it restarted fine.

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