My insane buyers remorse story


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Aug 12, 2010
Ok I should start off by saying I've always suffered buyer's remorse, for some unknown reason. I thought it was all over until yesterday, dammit. Here's the story.

I was completely happy with my 3yr old Lenovo notebook sporting a dual core processor, 120gb hd, and 1280x800 15.4" screen.

However, the family desktop was running really slow now, and old P4 1.6GHZ.

So, rather than replace the desktop, I had a selfish idea to hand the Lenovo down the family, and buy myself a new notebook. My family only does email, word processing and some music, photo printing, so my old notebook would do the trick. Off to Best Buy I go...

Not knowing anything about recent machines, I didn't know there were 2 generations of Intel processors out there. Anyhow, I was looking for something to replace my Lenovo at a great price, so I picked up an HP Pavillion for $699, and a sale included an xbox 360! What a deal!

This was machine #1: HP Pavillion w/640GB HD, Windows 7, a lousy AMD Phenom II processor, 15.4" screen, etc.

This machine was slower than my Lenovo. I blamed it on the processor, though I'm not sure if that was it. I also couldn't figure out how to enable Bluetooth. Decided I didn't like, and went back to Best Buy...

Machine #2: MacBook Pro 13", $1199 on sale. This is what I wanted in the first place, but was unwilling to fork out the cash for it. Took it home. Nice PC, huge learning curve to learn MAC OS. I'm a Windows guy for 20+ yrs. Find out that there's no driver's for my colour laser jet, or my photo printer. I fully expected everything to work with this MAC. Back to Best Buy... return lady looks at me funny, justifiably so.

Machine #3: Sony VAIO F1, Core i7, 500GB drive, fast dedicated graphics, 16.4" screen, Blueray, just a tank of a machine. $999. Take it home, spend a day loading all my junk on it. Runs good, but fan is insanely loud. I mean, this thing had a high pitch sound that got right in your ears. Back to to the store...

Machine #4: Sony VAIO E Series, Core i3, 500GB, 4GB Ram, 15.4" screen. $699. Ok I decided to cheap out a bit. I mean seriously, this isn't much more than an email machine for me, so why am I spending the money? (These are the insane thoughts going through my mind. What's funny, is the money is largely immaterial, it's more the time this is taking from me!) Unpack it, oh my god. These are the worst laptop speakers I've ever heard. I mean laptop speakers are generally bad, but these are really bad, like useless. Just on a whim, I check out the Sony website, and low and behold I finally learn the difference between a 1st gen core processor, and the 2nd gen. Sony was selling the second gen version of the laptop for only $30 more! Should be way faster right?

Machine #5: Family is upset now. How much time are you going to waste on this crap? Wife is shaking her head like I'm insane. I agree with her. Wait all day for the courier truck to deliver the 2nd gen Sony VAIO Core i3, 640GB HD, 6GB Ram, blah blah, $729. This is the machine I should have kept, it was fine for me. But oh, look at the build quality on this thing? Who put this together, a monkey? I had to snap the keyboard in place when I took it out of the box, brand new! Feeling like it's the wrong PC for me for some reason, call up Sony, get an RMA, and pay $20 to ship it back.

Machine #6: I promise to give everyone in the family $30 a piece if I return this machine, just to ease their concerns that I'll keep this machine. I buy again, the MacBook Pro 13", the second machine I already had. I decide I don't need to print on those old printers, and I buy a nice new shiny wireless laser printer just for the MAC. I'm seriously planning to keep it this time. 5 whole days go by with this machine, the others never lasted more than 1 or 2 days. Finally, I'm doing actual work on this machine. I load up some proprietary software for my work, and guess what, not MAC OS compatible. With some research and serious fiddling, I get it to work under MAC OS, but it's not great, missing some features. I could bootcamp this sucker, but why would I want to run Windows on this machine when I could run Windows on a far cheaper machine? That's right, I return the machine I already bought twice. I fork out $90 to my family for returning this machine.

Machine #7: HP Pavillion, I honestly can't remember the specs on this one after going through the other machines, but I believe it was $749. This was just ok, but wow, I learned that HP cheaped out on this particular model, and had a single channel wireless N chip on it. So it would only run at 2.4mhz, single channel. The port speed would top at 72mbps. I was getting 300mbps on all the other machines, save for the MAC I believe. I move a lot of files on the network!! What the heck is that??? Thankfully, I never promised my kids more money for making a switch.

Machine #8: HP Pavillion DM4. Core i3, 500GB, 6GB Ram, 14" screen, $699. None in stock, had to take an open box model for $660 or so. Take it home, wow, this is a nice PC for the money. It reminds me of the MACPro in a lot of ways, especially the keyboard. I'm loading my software on it, black screen of death and message that says "hard drive not present". WTF? What did the prior owner of this machine do, toss it off a balcony or something? It reboots fine, but a few hours later, I get the same error. I bring it back to Best Buy, and because it boots up at the counter, he doesn't believe me that there's something wrong with it. However, these guys are relentless at abiding by their return policies, and agree to take it back. I'm disappointed that he didn't believe that it was defective, as I know some other poor sap will be buying that machine open box. On the other hand, I can't blame him for not believing me considering my track record of returns.

Machine #9: Same machine as #8, but from a sealed box. Had to drive to the far side of town to a BB that had it in stock. For some reason, this one would disconnect from my router every hour or so. Not sure if it was my router or the pc or perhaps an incompatibility between the two, or perhaps it was defective, or perhaps I'm defective. Anyhow, it's gone. My family is hoping that BB won't take it back, and I find myself hoping as well, just to take me out of my PC exchanging misery.

Machine #10: MacBook Pro 13". That's right, bought it a 3rd time. This time I'm sure it's the machine for me. Work software incompatibilities, I'll deal with them. Such a nice machine, gorgeous aluminum, unequalled build quality, size is perfect, blah blah blah. Happy. Promise the kids $50 a piece if I switch this machine. Teenage daughter professes that I should just give her the money now.

Yesterday, bloody new MacBook Air is announced, it's got a backlit keyboard again, it's got a higher res screen, it's half the weight, it's got an SSD, it's so nice and sexy. I'm still in my return period for Best Buy! The Air is only $50 more!! I should go return this and immediately drive to the Apple store and get that Macbook Air 13".

Ahhhh screw it, I'm too tired. Kids lose out on $50 a piece.


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Jun 22, 2011
..... you could have just gone to microcenter and get the 13" for $999


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Jan 1, 2010
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Jan 25, 2011
woow! better than me. I would have given up after the 3rd time probably. lol!


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Mar 14, 2008
Instead of going back to best buy, why don't you enjoy your machine and book an appointment with your psychologist, you seem to have some issues.

Either that or you should actually take the time to research what you buy before you do, the #1 thing to do against buyer's remorse.


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Jan 24, 2011
There is no shame in putting windows7 on your new macbook pro.

The best thing about the mac is that i can legit have OSX on one parition and Windows7 on another, you cannot do that legally with a PC.


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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
That is insane, but, in a bizarre way, it is rather funny, too. Oh dear.

Maybe you should ask yourself what you really want from a computer, and then, questions about what computer will best fill those criteria will follow. Hopefully, the answers to those questions will lead you to the computer model that you decide to buy.

Anyway, let us know what transpires....


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Jun 7, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
Oh... my... Gosh.

The internet is your friend. Do thorough research before buying an item to make sure that it meets your needs. reviews are your friend. You will find that a lot of customers may address the same complaints that you will have.


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I think the issue may be in the way you are approaching finding the right computer.

You can research computers a lot before buying. You can see on these forums that people spend years considering which computer they will buy next.

Also, you can use the computer in the store before you take it home.

You don't need to buy a computer in order to assess it.

And with the Macs, for example, there may have been workarounds for the issues you ran into, but it sounds like you were too quick to return it. It sounds like things are moving fast for you, a bit like a bull in a china shop as they say.

If I were you, I would at this point keep using your old computer, and not allow yourself to buy any new computers until things calm down a bit.

I'm sorry for the stress it sounds like you've been having. This anxiety may be about something else because you have to remember that computers aren't all that important.


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Apr 29, 2005
San Francisco
Amongst the many fails in your story OP. You didn't get an iMac for the family desktop computer? Seriously?

I think you best let one of your kids to the computer shopping, you obviously are worse at making decisions than my fiance in a cupcake store.


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Feb 19, 2011
New York, NY
For the record, the new MacBook Pro (and I assume MBA) will link at a port speed of up to 450mbps over Wireless-N. I've actually seen real world speeds of 11.8MB/s through a wall and a floor with my Linksys E-4200.

At any rate, I'm glad you've decided to stick with one thing. Although those new MBAs do look pretty sweet..

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Jun 1, 2011
Amongst the many fails in your story OP. You didn't get an iMac for the family desktop computer? Seriously?

I think you best let one of your kids to the computer shopping, you obviously are worse at making decisions than my fiance in a cupcake store.
because everyone viewing this thread knows about the decisions your fiance makes in a cupcake store and is able to relate on a comedic level, right? i mean obviously.

why are they fails? the guy is trying to find the computer to best suit his needs, and is utilizing return periods on all of them. seems pretty smart to me if he's not satisfied. while agree it is ridiculous to buy and return the same model 3 times, there's no harm in returning it if you're really not sure.


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Oct 5, 2008
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snaky69 said:
Instead of going back to best buy, why don't you enjoy your machine and book an appointment with your psychologist, you seem to have some issues.

Either that or you should actually take the time to research what you buy before you do, the #1 thing to do against buyer's remorse.

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