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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by preguntonontrac, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Went the day after launch to get an iPhone 5 for my wife since she did not want an S3, she said it was too complicated for her and she liked the iphone. Since in Puerto Rico there is not so much demand i decided ill get her one and she did not care about jailbreaking so it was ok. Got the phone for her and one for me because she was flipping out about the new screen and she always thought the iphone look was sexy. Even thought i knew the connectors were new... headphones were new... When i started to use it in shame because i cant use an un-jailbreak iphone i started noticing all my car charging cables, home extra cables were useless... My wife said she was gonna buy them (the new accessories) and i started to realize the only thing i liked more than my s3 was the look (is extremely sexy even thought is similar to the 4s). I told my wife she can keep it but even the ios was so similar to her 4s, why keep it? We decided to get a full refund yesterday and since we did contract renewal for the 4 and is only one month away to be able to close it down, we are quitting the lame unlimited-limited by 3gb from ATT for a better unlimited contract with another company later.

    So i decided to write this in case if anyone is undecided... and the best review i can give is the same review the great iPhone developer (BigBoss) gave in here:

    I think the same as him, but i still love my S3 and upgrading to the next android best thing. Got an S3 for her today and she is in the sofa still playing with it. Now the only reason to stay on a mac forum is my macbook pro retina display because my desktop is a big a$$ alienware. Apple is dissapointing me lately... a lot.
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    Good luck....I had the S3 for about 2 mo and went back to the iPhone. When it all comes down to it the end of the day apple does the apps better. Apple mail and texting better than anything on the droid I could find.
    Be sure you download Juice Pro otherwise you battery is going to blow on the S3. Plus be sure to turn off all push notifications as S3 doesnt do this well. I could go on and on.

    Apple just does it well sorry...
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    I think every technological company has their challenges but I think the issue is becoming too emotionally invested in a brand. It is ok to say that you find a certain device better suited for your needs and interests than another.
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    Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S3s. I hope your wife finds her way out of your sofa soon.
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    Idiot review. Rehashed tripe we've heard -and refuted - a dozen times already on this forum. Not worth the time it took to read.
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    Exactly, some friends of mine got the iPhone 5 and some has other android phones. They all cost the same is just a matter of taste. What i find interesting is that when the iPhone was released it was the ultimate $%$ now it just come to tastes.
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    I just read the BigBoss review which seems more like quick thoughts but doesn't mention the crazy thin and light hardware, LTE with good battery life.

    I buy my apps so the list of reasons to jailbreak are getting smaller with every IOS upgrade ... 3G Facetime just took one reason off for me. Once IOS address my NCSettings app to toggle on/off wifi and bluetooth, I'm done with jailbreaking.

    The dock connector change sucks but is inevitable and you'll have to switch eventually. Maybe you could hold out for 1-2 years but you'd be better off selling them used now and getting some money now and using the accessories over the next 10 years.
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    The thing about the dock connector is that there are countless people complaining that the iPhone 5 didn't get mini-USB instead.... and conveniently forget that they would still need a 30-pin dock converter if it had got it.


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