My iPhone 5s is driving me crazy. Now it's unusable. Help me Restore it.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hamiltonDSi, Oct 5, 2014.

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    So, let me start with this :

    I'm very tech savyy.
    Had all the iPhone models except the 4s.
    Tested all the Betas since iPhone OS 3.0.
    I was a beta tester for redsn0w when the 4.2 Jailbreak was in beta for the iPhone 4.
    I know my iPhones like the palm of my hand.. but this 5s is cursed.

    Friday night I was playing GranTurismo 6 online on my PS3 with a friend so I called him so we can talk during the races and let each other know how the other players are driving. After one and a half our the call failed ; I looked at the status bar and my carrier was not showing - it said "searching...".
    Great, my SIM is fried I thougt.

    After the race ended I was pretty calm, like I said, I thought the problem was the SIM card so just to be sure I put the SIM in my old iPhone 5. The Sim worked. Full signal on LTE.
    Then I noticed on the 5s that it keept displaying "searching..." instead of "No Sim" and when I popped the Sim out it did not warn me that the Sim was removed so I realized that the problem was the phone itself.

    Ok, no problem... the phone is still in warranty so I'm going to take it to my carrier and ask for a refurb unit. What's next ? Restore.. ok.

    I plugged in my 5s into my 15" rMBP running OS X Yosemite cGM with the latest version of iTunes and clicked the "Restore" button. 10 minutes passed.. the phone was still Restoring... same after 15...then 20... WTF.
    I removed the phone and iTunes popped a banner that said "Error 9". Great.
    Put the phone in DFU mode ; repeat the process. Same problem. The phone would not Restore so I went to sleep.

    The next morning I tried again. Same problem so I went to my father's office to try Restoring it on his Mac (13" rMBP running OS X Mavericks with the latest version of iTunes). The Restore process failed again but this time it said that my iPhone did not have enough free memory. Again, WTF ? I had 3.5GB free.

    Now my iPhone is bricked. How on earth could I start it to show someone from Orange (my carrier) that the phone is not reading any Sim cards ?
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    Contact Apple the phone should still be under warranty
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