MY LETTER TO TIM COOK ABOUT THE IPAD PRO and how apple products have changed my life.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Yourbigpalal83, Nov 4, 2015.

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    May 22, 2015
    I just wanted to share this letter with you all that i personally sent to Tim Cook ( on how apple products have changed my life and when the iPad Pro will finally be released.

    Dear Tim

    My names Albert and I’m a huge fan of your products. I own currently a iPhone 6 plus, iMac 5k 27 inch, and a Apple Watch (which has helped me loose over 50 pounds this year and has been a major benefit to my life and productivity. I used to weigh over 500 plus pounds, and with help from the watch and iPhone logging and keeping track of my calories and exercise I’ve managed to totally change my life and loose over 200 pounds without weight loss surgery. If you like i can provide before and after photos and I’m due for skin reduction surgery soon)

    I am also writing a book about the experience and once finished i hope to publish it digitally on the Apple Store.

    That said, i have another apple related question thats been nagging me!

    I plan on drawing and illustrating the book using the iPad Pro. Like all my apple products, i often save up every spare penny i have for months if not years (as with the case with the iMac 5k) at a time as I’m currently living on a fixed income with Social Security Disability for Depression, Anxiety, and OCD. Im really hoping that the iPad pro, which I’ve own most of the previous iPads, is the defining tablet experience for me, as I’ve been in the market for years for a Tablet that is both reliable and dependable as the iPad is, and one i can draw on as drawing has always been a major part of my life, has often calm me down in moments of severe anxiety and depression, and has allowed me to express myself, my thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc in a creative and productive manner.

    Im anxiously anticipating the release of the iPad pro and have saved up many months for this, way before it was officially announced and if at all possible, could you please inform me of when in this month it will be available and if it will be available for pre order? I hope soon, as i deeply wish to secure mine as soon as possible and use it to illustrate my book on my weight loss and maybe even teach myself the wonderful skills of a concept artist as I’ve always wished to be one and now with the iPad Pro, I’m finally able to affordably get into digital artwork!

    Thank you for your time and wonderful products and Inspiration, and hope to keep in touch.

    Let me know what you guys think, and how apple products have effected your life!
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    Feb 4, 2013
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    Sep 20, 2014
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    Jun 3, 2015
    To be honest...he doesn't care about your condition or you. He will gladly take your money and disregard everything else. Seriously, move on...I hope this pad pro will help u.
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    Jul 29, 2006
    Don't let these negative, ignorant comments dissuade you; I know someone who was personally replied to via an e-mail from Steve Jobs about a question on iTunes, so who's to say Tim Cook wouldn't give a hoot either? May want to shorten in a bit though - no one half as busy as Mr. Cook would really have the time to read all of that.

    Send him your (revised) letter, who knows?

    Congrats on the progress you've made, btw.
  6. Macalway, Nov 4, 2015
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    He may. Steve used to, so Tim may think it's what you do. He's a good guy, no doubt.

    I remember when people were saying Steve wrote them. I thought it was pretty naive, but he actually was

    You neva know :D
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    Hey al,
    Just wanted to say congratulations on the progress... you deserve that new iPad PRO!
    Hope Tim gets back with you.
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    May 22, 2015
    Thanks for all the positive comments guys! Its been a long road, but i learned a lot, and i honestly can say without apple products idk if i would have made as much progress as i have.

    They really work and keep me accountable. I log all my calories using Lose It, i walk 6-8 miles a day in place or outdoors using my apple watch, and when I'm feeling anxious or depressed, i simply put on my iTunes playlist or load up a movie off of iTunes, and it helps relax me and i just like sharing that experience and letting people know that yes there are tools out there that can help people and more often then not there in the tech you use every single day.

    Case in point, occasionally my weight will fluxuate 5 or more so pounds in a day. Now at first that was a full scale panic attack for me cause i knew i wasn't over eating and working out more then my recommended time. Then i went online, read some stuff about water retention, how if you eat to much salt or re introduce carbs in the diet, that can cause your body to retain water weight..With the health app intergraded with the watch, and Loose it, i can track my carb intake, my sodium intake, calories, heart rate, etc and it keeps me accountable because i have something to reference every day and continue to make adjustments.

    Like lately, I've been depressed about delays with skin reduction surgery and insurance issues. So i slipped and had a slight binge on halloween candy which is unusual for me. Because of the apps and watch, i was able to say ok..lets counter act this, lets walk longer and faster, burn these calories etc...and the next day i was back to normal

    Point is...Apple makes products that are well designed, easy to use, not overly complicated, and totally user friendly and i wanted to share that with the head CEO over at apple and let him know how its had a real profound effect on my life and how the pro will hopefully help me contribute that back onto others.

    The book, if published along with the artwork might help people struggling with there weight and feeling hopelessness, realize there not alone and this can be done!

    With the iPad Pro, ill be able to draw illustrations for the book, edit the book together, etc all on the same device. With the split screen, i could have an art app open on one side, the book text on the other, and read through it work on things, make adjustments, add art, etc eazy and naturally.

    On a pc, its a mess of importing, and then this program doesn't want to work with that program so i got to download another program to convert it, then theres driver issues, and i got to worry about viruses constantly... Apple just makes it a lot more streamlined and simple.

    Im not saying PCs are bad. If i could afford it, id buy a surface pro as well. own both, cause I'm sure it does other things better then apple does.

    I just like sharing my experiences, the effects they had on me, and seeing how this technology has effected others. Theres so much negative hate on the internet and so much fanboysm and cynical perspectives. Does tim cook care? IDK i never met the man. I wish i could i look up to him. He seems legit but for all i know he could be a tyrant. I rather doubt it.

    I wish i could have met steve jobs. Yes i know he was known to be vicious and outright cruel, but look what he and his team created and the impact its had!
  9. powerbook911, Nov 5, 2015
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    Thank you for sharing your story. I bet Tim will read at least a portion of your email, but he probably won't tell you when the Pro is coming out. Not to be mean, but just because they seem to be holding that close to their chest.

    Let's hope you get one in your hands soon. I'm looking forward to the Pro too!
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    Oct 23, 2010
    Nice story. I hope you get an iPad Pro and congrats on the weight loss.
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    First of all, let me congratulate you on loosing so much weight!
    I enjoyed your letter, most probably the person in charge of TC's correspondance will feel the same.
    What concerns your question. Apple products don't change my life directly. Nevertheless, they provide a unique user experience which is a very important factor.

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