My Long Journey from the iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Chocolatemilty, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Hello, MacRumors! You all may not recognize my name and whatnot, but I've been a peruser of the forums for a long time! I just wanted to share my journey from using an iPhone 3G to my new iPhone 4 while taking a detour on Windows Phone Road.

    I received an iPhone 3G at Christmas 2008 and absolutely loved it. It is actually still kicking as my sister is now using it. However, as you all know, the speed (or lack thereof) became unbearable and I decided I wanted to stray from the path a bit and try something new. For many, that little green robot is the first thing that catches their eye, but not me. No, those live tiles, hubs, and XBOX integration of Windows Phone caught my eye. I decided to jump ship and dive into the Microsoft ocean and, to tell you the truth, the swim wasn't bad at all. In fact, I really grew to adore the OS. It's fluid, fast, and works. It does what it's designed to do: it really did get you in, out, and back on with your life.

    So, you're probably asking why in tarnation am I singing Stevie Ballmer's praises on MacRumors, yes? Understandable. I'm merely here to slay the dragon that is Samsung. Yes, the same company who found a way to brick their Windows Phones with a pre-update and who can't seem to create a stable build of their horrid skins on their Android Phones. That company. I am in possession of a Samsung Focus which, at the end of today, will be making its third trip to Texas for repair. 1st time: vibration stopped working. 2nd time: dead Super AMOLED pixels. Finally, this third time: it will no longer read my AT&T SIM card.


    No matter how much I love the OS (and LG & HTC's WP7 offerings are a huge no-go), I cannot continue to use a phone that I've had to send for repair three times in two months. Not gonna cut it. While I'm excited to see what Nokia can cook up with WP7 on board, I need a phone that will work, function, and help me get things done that needs to get done. I need my iPhone.

    Long story short, I am back with Team iPhone after having taken the road less traveled. It sure was a bumpy one....
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    This is why I'm an apple fanboy now. I've had half a dozen pc laptops that have been pieces of **** after a couple years. I love apple hardware more than any other aspect of apple devices and will continue to until someone steps up and brings something new to the game hardware wise.

    I can see why you like WP7, I still have my 30gb zune and like the media playing experience on it better than iOS. I hate the tiny buttons on the iPod screen, it seems like their is a ton of "dead" space on iOS. The buttons are very hard to hit without looking directly at the screen and being very accurate. just my opinion.
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    I actually really liked WP7. It's a great OS. It has its shortcomings, like any new OS, but it's definitely on the up-and-up. Just sucks that its hampered by such a faulty hardware. I could have just had bad luck with a faulty unit, but it was enough to deter me from WP7 from now on and wait until the Nokia WP7 devices dropped. The iPhone 4 won't steer me wrong.

    I've usually had good luck with PCs. I'm actually still rockin my HP laptop circa 07 I got for college. Just ran into some bad luck with this one.

    Yeah, I know this post was unconventional, I just wanted to rejoice that I'm back with Apple and MacRumors!
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    I feel the windows 7 phone UI looks very gimmicky. It's something that you'd probably be sick of looking at after a couple weeks. Welcome aboard.

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