My new 15" PB - Impressions

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  1. mckeek macrumors newbie

    Jan 5, 2004
    First impression: I can heartily recommend one!

    Stock 1.33Ghz and I added a 512 stick from crucial. Primary uses will be web site development and ripping my large stash of old records to CDs, plus the usual stuff. Since I am an IT manager of a PC-only company and my Mac at home is an ancient G3/233/OS9 box my initial observations are clouded by that background, but here they are:

    1. Fast right out of the box, and it got a lot faster after I added the 512. At least on par with a Centrino machine of approx. the same Ghz, etc.
    2. Very well thought-out, designed, and made, and many nice finishing touches. *Much* nicer than any PC laptop I have ever seen.
    3. Panther is a very well done operating system. In terms of basic functionality XP and Panther do most of the same stuff. XP's implementation of what is much of the same functionality seems childish now by comparison.
    4. I like 3 button mouse support (Apple really needs to start selling 3 button mice - I'm sure they could do a better job than Logitech).
    5. Great screen (no dead pixels that I can see) and the slot-loading optical drive is great. Noisy, though.
    6. Apps: So far I have not done anything with imovie, idvd, or garage band. Itunes is great, of course. Safari and Mail are also very nice but still need a little work (see below). Address book is pretty nice and I like the way it integrates with Mail. There are lots of nice utilities most of which I haven't done anything with but if you're a Unix guy I imagine some of them are cool.
    7. Other Apps: I downloaded the latest Dreamweaver and Fireworks - so far so good. They seem nice and fast - probably 50% faster than the Coompaq P1.8 laptop I have been using at work for web devel (although that's using (the faster) MX, not MX 2004). I am going to wait on Office 2004.
    8. Problems:
    - I don't know if this is a problem or not but the lid is a little bowed. In the middle where it latches it's perfectly flush but both corners ride about 1mm high.
    - Safari has some problems with certain web pages which Netscape and IE can handle better. For example, logging on to Outlook Web Access gets it stuck in a perpetual "login" dropdown loop - I had to abort Safari. Certain e-commerce checkout pages don't work, either.
    - Mail has a few quirks - At home I access our mail via dialup and it's OK but at work (I created a new location where I connect thru our LAN) it can access our inbox fine but can't send mail, even though the mail server setups look OK.
    - I calibrated the battery but now when it's plugged in it stays at 96% but the green light is on. How low does it have to go before it starts charging back up to 100%
    - The CD player doesn't vibrate but definitely is loud spinning. Is this normal?
    9. Questions
    - How can I get Safari to automatically dial my ISP when I am at home? It keeps our home page in cache and won't dial out until I go to another link. In the PPP setup "connect automatically when needed" is already checked.
    - How can I get iTunes to automatically start playing a CD when I put one in? Itunes launches but I have to press the play button.
    - Can somebody explain to me the difference in wired, active, inactive, and free memory? Also, if I examine a process what's the explanations between real, virtual, shared, private, and virtual private memory?

    Overall this is a VERY NICE laptop - well worth the price premium. Both the hardware and software are top notch.

    Since this is a "Buying Tips" forum here's my tip: Get one!
  2. simply258 macrumors regular

    Oct 15, 2003
    Open iTunes, on the Menu bar, click iTunes > Preferences. At the top click on General, then go down to where it says "On CD Insert" and choose "Begin Playing".
  3. yoda13 macrumors 65816


    Sep 26, 2003
    "I calibrated the battery but now when it's plugged in it stays at 96% but the green light is on. How low does it have to go before it starts charging back up to 100%"

    Once it reaches 95 percent or higher and you unplug it, it won't charge back to 100 percent until you draw the battery down below 95 percent again

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