My New Computer G4 or G5


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Jul 18, 2001
Well I posted this a while back but since the G5 didnt come out in January and a July looks unlikely. I have to choose again. First right now I own the original G3 Beige "Desktop" computer, introduced in 1997. We bought it in early 98'. It has a Firewire PCI card a 3DFX Voodoo 2 PCI card 640 megs of ram, An upgraded 60 gig ATA HD, ADSL connection, and an external 24x-10x-40x CD-RW drive. I consider myself an intermediate user (I use high end apps. but not always I also like FPS games (very intensive for computers). Now onto my question when should I upgrade my computer. My choices I forsee are as follows; A Dual 1GHZ machine when they go on clearence, The next gen G4/G5 (announced at MWNY),the MWSF G5 (lets hope). The MWNY 03' Mac (Better be G5 or I buy a Sony POS). Now if I buy a G5 I plan to buy Rev. B because Rev. A usually screws u over like this did. And if I buy G4 I'll miss alot of the new G5 chip features. Oh yeah we plan to keep the computer 4+ years like this one. Any other possible computer suggestions are welcome along w/ Suggestions on the options I mentioned.


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Feb 20, 2002
Ill be adding a 550 mhz g4 zif card in my B&W G3...I'll let you know if it was worth it.... otherwise, the wait might be hard, I would hold out I think (unless you can go ahead and get the dual G4..that should hold you out for at least 6 years one would think w/ 15 gigaflops


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Jan 6, 2002
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Re: My New Computer G4 or G5

Originally posted by spuncan
It has a Firewire PCI card a 3DFX Voodoo 2 PCI card 640 megs of ram
You have a Voodoo 2 with 640 MB RAM?

Oh, right, I get ya :)

Now, sticking with the topic...
Getting a DP1GHz at a clearance price makes sense. You'll be waiting forever if you want a Rev B G5, and it makes sense to get a high end G4. If you can wait to get it on special, which you obviously can, then I'd say go for that.


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Nov 28, 2001
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stop waiting for the g5. but dont get one of the current g4 pos machines, the bus speed is so slow the full potencial of the chip just isnt realized so shelling out that cash just is a bad idea. id say spring for a new g4 as soon as a new motherboard comes out with a faster front side bus. Many people are guessing this will happen at NY. Also rumors suggest that the current g4 models were planned to have the new motherboard but that the board wasnt done in time, hence the quiet release (clearly even apple knew the current machines were rather embarassing).

i too have been waiting for the "G5" and recently picked up a new imac that i feel will provide me with something to hold me over. i kinda wanted a cheap competent computer to last a couples years. thats all i see the imac as. so you might also consider buying a very low end machine if you are determined (as i am) to hold out for the spectre of the g5.


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Dec 29, 2001
the G4 will be around for atleast 12-18 months its still got heaps of life so get a G4


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When to buy?

The G5 is far into the future and i dont think anyone should wait for its arrival.

I think that the most important changes to apple systems is DDR ram
or various other motherboard changes.
This is what needs to be waited for, dont buy anything that has the old ram in it!

DDr Ram is a must for the mac and will come hopefully soon!
I am sure that everyone is praying as I am, for its arrival at NY!

A speed bumped g4 with DDR Ram will be a speedy son of a b****.

Thats the unit to purchase!
Anything else in my opinion is not worth a penny or the time!

If people really want these changes then they mustnt purchase anything until Apple realizes that they had better put some energy into completing what has obviously been needed in the MAc for a very long time now!


Jul 9, 2000
your current machine is old, but a good one

wait for the g5 because it will most likely come out this year

wait for the reviews and views of g5 users and if it looks good, get that revision a g5

i think you will be glad you waited

i had a client replace his beige g3 desktop and beige g3 tower with a g4...and he was happy

he was considering a b&w g3 but suspected a g4 on the horizon and he was right

he is considering a dual 1 ghz g4 right now but i told him to wait for the g5 and see what it offers (assuming apple calls it the g5)
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