My new Rose Gold iPhone 6S and 2 new Orzly cases with pics :-

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by GeekishlyGreek, Sep 25, 2015.


Which one do you like better?

  1. The Orzly Rose Pink Fusion Case

  2. The Orzly on the move case in pink

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  1. GeekishlyGreek macrumors regular

    Apr 30, 2015
    So its been an eventful morning. I've been sat my window all morning like a dog waiting for the postman (except I was waiting for the UPS man). Then I get a text from Apple for a failed delivery attempt and I almost jump out of my skin. Did I nod off? Is my UPS man The Flash and I blinked? After an anxious 20 minutes on the phone to UPS it turns out that he was missing my flat number and so had abandoned the delivery. I pleaded for another attempt and finally got it ten minutes ago at 3:30 pm. Hooorahhhh!!!


    I absolutely love the colour that Apple have made this iPhone. Its not tooo pink for those who are averse to pink, and its still pink enough to be an unusual and unique new shade to have a phone in. I'm questioning the white front, though I do like the white lines going around. I have yet to properly play with the camera and iOS9 etc, I'll be doing that when I sit down this evening.

    However for now, I was just excited to open my iPhone and see what it looked like and decide which case to use. For the cases, I had bought 2 options both from the same company. One is a clear back option which I choose because I wanted to show off my phone, and the second one is a Tough case style in pink. I'm torn between both to be honest. I'm going to attach pics to this post and briefly review both cases, it would be good to see what other people think.

    IMG_5282.jpg IMG_5290.jpg

    1) The Orzly Rose Pink Fusion Case
    - Clear back keeps my Rose gold iPhone visible
    - Rose Gold bumper complements the iPhone colour
    - The rubber bumper feels like it would protect the phone edges well
    - looks amazing on the phone and fits perfectly, and is a slim case

    None really except my hesitation is that it does not have a stand which I really use for my phone a lot.

    2) The Orzly on the move case in pink
    IMG_5276.jpg IMG_5293.jpg


    - Extremely protective case with a hard case on the outside and a thick silicone case on the inside (I like to keep my iphones as new as possible because I sell them privately as its the only way to afford buying the newest release)
    - Has a stand, which as I mentioned above is something I am very dependent on especially because I tend to watch a lot of stuff on my phone from movies to youtube etc
    - It also has a tray under the stand bit where you can put your credit card which could be useful if you don't want to carry a wallet or handbag around.
    - Best best best feature (also underneath the stand) is in the compact mirror - yes I am that vain!!! LOL - But I do have a lot of meetings and interviews in my job, and so I tend to have a once over before each one to make sure I look presentable. Sure I can use the selfie feature on my phone but somehow, a compact or this mirror seems to be the less crazy looking option versus staring in to your phone's screen at a close angle. Maybe its just me :)


    - As a high protection case its obviously bulkier than normal cases but then it is designed this way for a reason maybe its not a con.


    The thing that is tearing me me apart is I love the colour of the actual iPhone and I don't want to hide that which the hard case does. In the past its never bothered me hiding the actual silver or grey finishes, but then at the same time, I also want to keep the phone in great condition and this case has a stand. On the other hand, the Orzly fusion case just complements the iPhone in every way, sleek design, great colour bumper for an added dimension of colour, and the clear back.

    They're both great cases so maybe I'll use both depending on what I am doing or what I feel like....
  2. romeo0119 macrumors 6502

    Sep 20, 2007
    Did the case enable your phone ability to climb trees? I want one now, where can I get one :)

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