My Ordeal in Getting my iPad 1 Replaced Under Warranty

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Chocolatemilty, Mar 31, 2012.

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    So, some time ago I hit this forum asking if members thought I could get my iPad 1 switched out before the Applecare warranty ends because of a flexing side of the screen. It eventually got worse to the point where most of the right side has sunken in, and it was pretty clear to see the binding was becoming a problem. With the warranty ending next Saturday, I went to the genius bar today before I venture back to school for spring quarter to finally get it switched out. The first genius I talked to completely understood and she assured me it would be switched out. Then, she came back out to say they actually wouldn't be able to switch it out because they deemed it "wear and tear." I told them this was unacceptable because there's no way an iPad screen should be unbinding from the metal casing before it hits 2 years of use. The assistant manager then came out and gave me the same story, to which I again told them this was unacceptable and wanted to talk to the store manager (instead of the assistant). Before they went to get him, I made sure to tell them that I own both an iPhone 4S, a MacBook Pro, two iPods, and this iPad and assured them I'd be using my current AT&T upgrade on a different phone and selling all of my Apple products and buying others as well as instructing my family and friends to do the same (I really didn't plan to do so, but wanted to show them how angry I was). There were other customers standing around the table and giving their two cents since they were eavesdropping (adding in, "Give the kid a replacement! It's obviously under warranty!" and "You should really replace it, guys."), but the manager came out and started to give me the same old line. I told them thank you and I shall be selling my products upon getting home, to which the manager came to get me before I hit the door and told me they would replace my iPad.

    I swear, it was something out of a sitcom or something, because after that a good 20-25 customers started clapping in support. Never did I think this would have been such an ordeal to get my iPad replaced under warranty, but I guess I got a good laugh and a silly story out of it.
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    Wow I can't believe they were so hard on you! Normally when I have problems, they go out of their way to help me, and when I apologized for the trouble I caused with a rather annoying iPhone 4 bug, they just laughed it off and said that Apple is a multi billion dollar company and giving me a new phone for free was no problem at all, and that's what Applecare is for.

    Congrats on getting it taken care of, though.
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    is this really this common? I had an iPad 1 and within two months of using the device I noticed that when holding it I noticed that the right side of the bezel would sink in if I held it too forcefully. weird. Good for you for getting it replaced.

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