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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sdilley14, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. sdilley14 macrumors 65816

    Feb 8, 2007
    Mesa, AZ
    Having seen all of the leaked images/details on the 5c far in advance of today's announcement, my expectations were pretty low. I thought the phone looked cheap/childish and was actually quite surprised Apple chose to go this route.

    However, after seeing the phone in a final product, seeing actual press photos, and getting a better understanding of their target market with this product, I think it both looks GREAT for what it is, and it makes a LOT of sense in many ways.

    The plastic unibody design looks very clean and seamless, the colors really pop, and the fact that it has a reinforced body (I can't remember if it was aluminum or steel) is a great adds heft to the phone and it offers additional protection.

    This product segment makes a lot of sense to me.

    1. I can see younger people buying this because it is colorful and more customizable with the cases and its more affordable.

    2. I can see the large crowd of "I don't care how advanced it is, I just want a sturdy phone that works and won't break the bank" people buying this.

    3. I can see people who just want a simple, good looking, capable, reasonably priced smartphone that has a good looking overall PACKAGE...the body colors matched with the default color wallpapers make for a great looking overall package without going through any customization (yes, most of us here love customizing our devices, but a LOT of people want something that looks great right out of the box, both software AND hardware together). I know, finding nice looking wallpapers is simple, but a lot of people just don't care to take the time to search for a wallpaper or even learn how to change their wallpaper.

    4. And of course, I think there is a big market for colorful, more affordable devices in other countries as well.

    Long story short - this isn't a device for me personally and isn't a device for a lot of people on these boards. I'm in the crowd that "needs" the top of the line device. However, I can see this product growing into a huge segment. I cannot see how, in any way, offering a new phone with more color options, a new option for body design/material, and GREAT power/functionality at a lower price point is a bad thing.
  2. user-name-here macrumors 65816

    Aug 31, 2013
    Same here.

    I'm happy they discontinued the 5 personally. Makes the 5S that much more valuable :)
  3. EGamComp macrumors newbie

    Sep 7, 2013
    1. If you're already paying ~$2,000+ over a two year period for the contract, why not pay an extra $100 for the 5S? Not only is the 5S faster, more advanced, etc. but 5C has the reputation of being that cheap low end phone.

    2. If I could choose between buying an iPhone 5 (I'm sure I could find a brand new one for sale somewhere like eBay) and a 5C, I'd definitely choose the 5 without regret.
  4. sdilley14 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Feb 8, 2007
    Mesa, AZ
    Even if it isn't that much more expensive in the long run, $100 is $100, and to people who don't care THAT much about what they have for a phone, paying an extra $100 up front in a lump sum can be a tough pill to swallow. You also have to consider the fact that some people might just like the 5c option better, even if it isn't the fastest/most powerful option. Also, a lot of people could care less that the 5c has a "cheap reputation". If you consider the market they're likely targeting here, I don't think the people who care about the reputation of their phone or consider their phone some type of status icon fall into the 5c targeted demographic.

    I agree, I would rather have the 5 too, but I can easily see how/where the 5c fits.
  5. camperdown9 macrumors regular

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    Its more expensive that I thought it would be so my first thoughts were no way and I will spend a little more and go for the 5s.

    However I have been an iPhone user since day one and after the 4/4s & 5 I think I would like something that looks a little different.

    So maybe!

  6. EGamComp macrumors newbie

    Sep 7, 2013
    The 5C was also meant to replace the iPhone 5. Same A6 chip, different coating. In the keynote they even said that usually they sell the last year's phone for cheaper but this year they aren't...because of the 5C.

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