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Jan 7, 2002
Sarasota FL
I've got about 50 Mac 128/512/Plus/SE/Classics out in the garage. I bought them (and a lot more) on eBay and other places years ago to make aquariums of got tired of it before I ran out of Macs.

I have a Black Bell & Howell Apple II+, an Apple DMP (the Imagewriter predecessor), and some other odd bits. Still got my old Quadra 660AV - I loved that computer... Still have a PM 7600 which is still a useful computer in some ways.

I've got my Lisaquarium and another Lisa shell and frame and a bunch of Lisa parts. Don't know if I'll ever make another Lisaquarium though. I guess I really should send the Lisa power supplies and other internals off to a good home someday.

sigh - all this has me wanting to go out to the garage and rummage around...


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Nov 6, 2001

I've only owned 5 macs in the past...

iMac (rev. D, Blueberry), iBook (blueberry) [both had been sold at the time before I got my new...] iMac DV+(indigo), iBook (indigo) [both match!] and finally I have my Powermac G4 (Quicksilver, 867 mhz)...

But I still have my iBook... which I am planning to exchange for a 14" iBook at the next revision... :)

Oh... I almost forgot...

I also have an iPod... but really would eBay it if an iNewton (or iPDA) came out!:rolleyes:


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Jan 7, 2002
Sarasota FL
Re: Macintosh 128

Originally posted by eyelikeart
interested in getting rid of any of your "pile?"

do they work?
Yes, in fact sometime this year I will almost certainly shed most of the 'pile'. I'll probably keep a dozen or so of the classic Macs (the ones whos cases are in the best shape) in case I ever want to make more Macquariums and I'll keep the PM7600 as I want to play with Linux. The rest will go.

It's almost certain that a bunch of the old Macs could be made to work but I'm not going to spend much time figuring out which ones do or don't. I'm pretty sure there aren't any un-upgraded 128K Macs left out there.

The old Apple II+ and DMP worked the last time I tried them - about 6 years ago. The Quadra 660AV works. I've got an original Laserwriter Plus also that still works.

What I'll probably do is divide it into 2 piles. One pile will have significant $ value (eg the Lisa power supplies) and I'll eBay them. The other (much much larger pile) will be a freebie to whoever wants to come to Sarasota and pick it up.

I'll try to post here if/when I actually get this stuff ready to go.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
ok very cool....

seriously let me know whenever u get around to going through it and have something to get rid of...

I really want to get a 128 Mac.....preferrebly in working condition.... :D


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I've been able to rescue my share of macs around here, too. My dad's graphic design firm has been using macs since the Mac Plus, so I've got three of those, a Mac SE, LCII, IIfx, Quadra 640, and an Apple //c I saved from a most certain death at my old high school a couple years ago. All of them have their own cabinet out in storage, dubbed the "Mac Graveyard". I'll boot up one of the Pluses every once in awhile just for fun.

There's a 128k here at the college where I work, but the admin doesn't want to give it up. ;) (Needless to say, it's in storage as well.) As they phase out the old Quadras, though, yours truly adds them to the Graveyard. Yeah, they ain't worth much, but they're cheap and fun to collect! (If you've got the room!)