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Jan 21, 2020
China, Japan
Hey, I'm He Xing from China and currently living in Japan, the developer of Daily Cast. You can download on the App Store.

My side-project Daily Cast is a tiny app that lets you get and discover the latest popular podcasts episodes randomly in the specified country or region.

Daily Cast is totally free (at present). You can donate me via In-App Purchases if you want to support development of Daily Cast, I'll be so grateful for that and it will keep Daily Cast last longer.

• Automatically plays the top 100 podcasts episodes randomly in the selected country or region when opened;

• All episodes will be updated everyday;

• Get the subscription url and export it to others podcast client if you like the podcast you're just listening;

• Up to 24 countries or regions supported;

• Quite simple and easy to use;

• Skip the episode if already heard.

• More features coming soon.

No Ads!
Daily Cast inserts no ads into the app, but some of the sources place them in their episodes streams. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to remove those ads.

Contact Me!
You can contact me via mail or Twitter. Any suggestions are welcome.

Special Thanks
♥ Daily Cast is inspired by Hourly News which is a great simple news podcast app.

Introducing Daily Cast

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