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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by MacMaelstrom, Jul 25, 2003.

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    Jul 22, 2003
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    About three or so years ago I got a Quadra from my aunt, (the same one that works at that all Mac company with Office pains.) It was beat up, crashed hard drive, dead keyboard, I could go on and on. Hadn't been used in at least 5 years. Getting it to work was a major problem. I knew nothing about Macs and I was, let's see, 11 at the time? I connected it all together on a nice desk... I was taking very good care of it because I always had wanted a Mac. I flip the power switch. It comes to life... Fans whirr, Hard drives churn... But the screen remains black. It took me about 3 weeks to come across the PRAM battery as the problem. I replaced it, and the screen turns grey. I get a sad Mac!!! A few hours of searching on the PC and Internet turns up the floppy drive as the curplit. I get a new one out of another dead box from my Aunt... and I get another sad Mac icon! This time denoting a problem with the ADB. What the h*ll is an ADB. Soon I figure out the keyboard is dead. I was worried because the site I got the info from says usually keyboards don't generate ADB sad Mac errors... but another different keyboard and I boot up to a blinking ? on a disk... I had already been through the manual a few times and knew just what to do here. Install Me First went in... and the Mac environment of System 7 appeared in all it's monochrome glory. Install went fine. I boot up and have quite an uninviting picture. The Mac, it turns out was used by another one of my Aunt's boyfriend, who equipped it with a password. A few phonecalls, and I'm in! I'm messing around in here, exploring, etc... The screen is color now... of course... I stumble upon Apple System Profiler... which says I'm running MAC OS 8.1!!! This just can't be as I just installed System 7 from the disks. Well. Somehow it seems the system folder that was on it was incomplete, and a certian file got copied... I couldn't nail it.. as there was only one system folder... Oh well! This was working. I decided to explore what was on the duplicated CDs that were in the box... this generated endless headaches, as the system hung and crashed unpredictably with the CDs mounted. Later it turns out the CDROM drive's SCSI ID was set to 0, the ID of the Apple Hard Disk. Changing it to 3 did the trick. Well, I reinstalled 8.1 just to be safe... I'm messing around and all of a sudden, boom. There's a loud popping noise, and something grinds to a halt inside my Mac!!! :eek: :confused: :mad: The Mac is still on however! There's a watch icon... I turn the Mac off and open it up. Nothing looks wrong. I call the aunt that gave me the Mac, and it seems the 500 MB hard disk has crashed. Now I know that the head slammed into the disk for some reason. This really wasn't hard to fix, as my aunt found a 1 GB Segate Barracuda. I swapped it with the Quantum and reinstalled 8.1 from the CD. My Mac knowlege was growing. I was extremely happy now... double the space I had... With only 50 dB of noise as a price. :p Now I'm instaling loads of apps off the CDs and doing tons of things at once.. and all of a sudden (I'm about to tell another tragic thingey. :p) Everything stops... the screen goes off, the hard disks stops, about the equivilant of what happens when you turn the Mac off. :p I blew the power supply!
    This put me out for about a week. It was hard to find the right power supply for my Quadra. Once one was found my fun continued... Along with the power supply, came more goodies... AppleDesign Speakers! They're wonderful! They sound brilliant! So... My total Mac collection... (I wanna wrap this up before I kill all with boredom)

    Quadra 605
    Apple CD 300
    AppleDesign Speakers
    Apple 14" Color Display
    AppleDesign Keyboard
    Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II
    Mac OS 7.1 (Origional Disks)
    Mac OS 7.0 (Origional as well. This arrived to me by a friend. They're the one with the 7 on them with the line through it. The version with the dissapearing folders bug... the version that is too old for my Quadra :()
    Mac OS 8.0
    Mac OS 8.1
    Apple Multimedia Starter CD (Origional)
    And lots of Misc. software.

    Non Apple Hardware that's with my Mac:

    No-Name SCSI case for any internal drive. Pop in the Internal SCSI drive, boom, it's External.

    SupraExpress 56e (Modem)

    I hope you enjoyed the true story of how I became a Mac user, and the description of my collection...
    Maelstrom (and yes the name was inspired by my favorate Mac video game)
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    Oct 17, 2002
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    don't you think that getting those old machines to work is the best part? I had so much fun getting all the expansion parts for my se/30, installing them, fiddling to get the thing running and so on... :D

    but your story sounds really cool (and a quadra 605 is a very stylish machine!!!) I wonder if one could put the innards or a kanga powerbook in there..?


  3. MacMaelstrom thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 22, 2003
    Down the hall and to the right.
    Yeah. Quadra's are nice. That would be a good project. When this quadra dies beyond repair, gut the case and put a new mobo in it.... Sleek and efficient.

    I did mod the machine... a really tiny mod...
    i put a hold in the front and wired a disk access light to it. I likeit :p

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