My review of the Hypermac Nano


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Jul 18, 2010
Well i bought the hypermac nano, as with my old phone (blackberry storm 9530) i found myself running out of batteries at the worst times. First off lets start with the feel of the battery pack. It feels solid, yet not too heavy it is made out of aluminum which is painted the color of you liking. It hold 1.5 iphone 4 charges.

Charging sleep would be on par with that charging via USB cable plugged into your computer. So not as fast as the wall charger. There is an LED light which lights up blue when charging, green when full, and red when almost dead.

So the good:
Feel solid
Is a small size (comparable to a zippo lighter)
Variety of colors
Holds a fairly large charge for the size.
Can attach cap to the bottom of the device when charging via magnet

Now the bad:
The cap is made of plastic unlike the body.
The cable which plugs into your iphone is extremely thin and makes me feel uncomfortable.
In order to charge, you must plug a iphone usb cable into the Hypermac, which (for those who only have one cable) left with having to pug the battery into the usb cable, and then plug the battery into the iphone. Making your iphone very inconvenient to use.

3/5 Apples
Currently a sale on at
The battery is 49.95 instead of 69.95.

Now for pictures, take from my iphone 4. Just to clarify this can be used with any apple product which uses the USB cable

The first photo shows my reason for not giving this product a five. You must put the cable back the proper way or else the battery locks, and the only way to unlock is to charge it for a second, which is useless if your traveling with no access to a charging port. (The entire point of a battery pack)


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Jul 22, 2008
Grand Rapids, MI
I have one too, also in black. Sadly I haven't even had the chance to use it as the iPhone 4's battery is great. I guess its a good problem to have, but I feel like I wasted money now. Haha oh well. I too agree on the comments with the thin cord that connects to the iPhone. I wish it was a lot longer too. It's awkward.


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Jul 18, 2010
i think shipping to canada was like 20 bucks too. I did get the package in about 2 days though... which is good but i didnt need it that fast. Ya i dont use it super often, but i haul it around in my car with me just in case, saved me once or twice.
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