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Discussion in 'Community' started by cyanide, Aug 21, 2005.

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    Jan 6, 2005
    Well, on the advice of stubeef i have decided to start this thread. It is going to be about my path along the way through flight school. I just started today with my intro flight and it was unbelievable. I live in Cincinnati now (those of you who know me, i moved here from Chicago this year) and there are several nice small FBO's in the area. I chose Blue Ash airport as my home base for its small size and history in the area. For anyone in the area wanting to learn to fly i highly recommend Co-op Aviation at this airport. They have been there the longest and on my experience are a great group of guys (and gals!). Well to start off in the right spot i will say that i have always wanted to be a pilot, recreational or otherwise, but thought it too expensive. I honestly had no idea that for under six grand i could obtain a private pilot's license. as soon as i heard this from someone i met one day eating at a local restaraunt, i rushed home and scheduled my intro flight. The process was fairly straight forward. We had a checklist to go over, about 8 pages, before we could taxi on to the runway in our Cessna Skyhawk. I learned some new things about planes, including how to test the fuel and that the gyroscopes are powered by tiny holes in the aircraft that create a vacuum. After a quick rundown on how to takeoff from an uncontrolled airport (one without a tower) i was allowed to taxi the plane onto the strip. I lined up with the center line, gave the system a last once over, and full throttle! The take off was amazingly smooth. Not like in a jet. It felt like you were driving down the road in your car and the all of a sudden you realize pulling on your steering wheel has lifted you hundreds of feet above the ground. we flew pattern over the airport once, and the ascended to 3500 feet before stabilizing and setting cruise speed at roughly 140 kts. . It seemed like no time before we were already over dayton, about 45 miles north of Cincinnati. I got to practice a few bank turns and descents before we headed back to the airport. On approach we had to make use of slip to land because of the wind (think a permanent fish tail in your car) and my instructor actually let me set the plane down. I though it was pretty great for it being my first time, and i definitely intend to get my license now. flying MUST be a part of my life after this experience. to all you pilots reading this, if you have any pointers, let me know. also if you want to pay for my flight school i will greatly appreciate it :p it may not be that expensive, but im still poor...oh well, i will go as often as i can, and update this thread accordingly.
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    Have pleasant flying dreams tonight, cause you know you will.

    Only other caution for now, don't buy a bunch of stuff you may not end up needing later, or liking later either!

    Enjoy! :cool:

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