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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pilot1226, Jan 20, 2012.

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    First, let me start off and say thank you to the forum for helping me starting to plan this purchase months ago. This is my first iPhone, and I certainly wanted to exhaust every single search and bulletin board out there to get as much information as I could get.

    There were many concerns with the fact that I was on a Sprint network and the data issues were pretty bad. But, as an existing Sprint customer with decent voice and okay data service on my Blackberry Curve, I felt little need to change - especially because Sprint gives you a 14-day money back guarantee for any device. So, I figured if I truly wasn't happy, I have 14 days to give it back and get something else.

    Good things: Data speed is great. No problems with any Pandora Streaming either at work or at home, or on the commute between the two (about a 20 minute commute). Apps are fast and responsive. Completely blown away by how simple the OS is compared to my previous phones. Setup was relatively easy. Battery life is good considering how much I'm using it. Voice quality is outstanding. Space remaining is good on my 16GB iPhone - plenty of room for pictures. Camera is great.

    Not so good things: I had a rough time bringing my contacts over from my Berry to my iPhone. My BB was deactivated when they activated my iPhone, so I wasn't able to use Google Sync. I ended up having to hardwire my BB into my desktop and using Microsoft Outlook to copy the contacts over, then import the contacts via iTunes. I had to do this a second time for my wife's phone. Initial wifi sync took a long time, as expected. My HP Printer is too old to iPrint. Wondering if there is a way to Print to PDF. I'll have to look for this later.

    Things that make me say "WHAT?!": The ringtones are annoying, having to open a song I like in Audacity, crop it, and resave it in AAC format, then change the file extension to .m4r ... Just annoying since I used to be able to pick any song on my BB and tell it to be my ringtone.

    Long story short, very, very pleased with the purchase. I'm no stranger to Apple's kool-aid, but I certainly can't figure out why I took so long to come onboard. This is a fantastic device. Sprint service is great at my location (Northern NJ near NYC).

    After the first day at work, it's tremendously powerful. Was able to do everything I wanted to do and more. Hooray!

    Thanks again for all the advice and tips!
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