My take on the 2011 Macbook Air: A few months since purchase

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by PaulWog, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Jun 28, 2011
    I've had my 11-inch 2011 Macbook Air since it was first available. I accumulated something like 20 battery cycles pretty quick. It's funny; that slowed down, and I've only used it for a total of 45 battery cycles (so it has seen some use, but not a whole lot). My battery health has wavered up and down from 95% to 99%, and sits at 98% currently. I still have 77.60GB of free storage out of 128GB. The Macbook is still in like-new condition, though it could use some polishing up (dirty hands).

    So how do I like it so far?

    I'd say it has been pretty good. For note-taking, I've never once felt like I wanted a larger screen; I have, however, at times wished the screen were taken better advantage of. I've downloaded programs like Omniwriter, Byword, Microsoft Word, and Pages: all of which tend to fall short of being decent. The whole screen isn't taken advantage of, and the focus is generally put on the centre. I really do wish the wide screen of the 11-inch Air could be taken advantage of, since it would really increase the feel of the working space. That said, I've never had a real problem with it.

    How has it been in terms of reliability? Pretty good. It's crashed on me 10 or so times since I've owned it. I've had a couple annoyances with having to restart the Air due to Wi-Fi or other things freezing up. I've had a couple wake-up glitches waking the computer from sleep. But overall, I'd call the Air a reliable laptop.

    The only short-coming I've come back to every once in a while (aside from the thing heating up while watching movies & turning the jets on occasionally; also making it relatively unusable for games like Starcraft 2), is that I've seen others in classes using the Macbook Pro: the screen on the Pro makes me jealous. I've contemplating selling my Air and going with a Pro, but decided against it. All the same, I'm left wishing my screen were a tad bit better. It's a good screen, but it falls under "above average"... which, for an Apple product, is more like "acceptable, but almost barely".

    So overall, I've got to say that I love my Air. It has been useful for classes, taking notes, etc. The whole package has worked well. The keyboard has held up wonderfully, the trackpad is insanely nice, the speakers are pretty decent, and the battery life has held up decently (it leaves something to be desired, but the advertised 5 hours is accurate when note-taking).

    The way tech is going makes me a tad bit upset though: it'll probably be another couple of years, give or take, before any sort of hardware is released which can really make a next-gen Air make my current-gen Air look like old stuff.
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    Jul 29, 2011
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    I Have The 13"

    And It's a fantastic machine...I also have a 17" MBP, but whilst your buddies are breaking their backs lugging around a pro, yours is light as a feather. I need my pro for other tasks's but a 17" MBP is not exactly light!

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