My TouchID fingerprints vanished after an account password reset.


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Oct 22, 2009
Just want to make sure this is normal behavior or not for MacBook TouchIDs which has the T2 security chip.

Somehow my MBP account password stopped working so I was forced to reset it with a new one.

when I logged back in my account again - all my fingerprints in my TouchID disappeared and I had to tediously re-register them again.

Does MacOS wipe the old fingerprint data automatically if I force reset the password?

Erehy Dobon

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Feb 16, 2018
Yes, that's right.

You put your Mac in a state of lower security from where it had previously been. MacOS will wipe out your Touch ID information as a precautionary measure.

It will do the same thing if you toggle Secure Boot Mode (for example, to boot off an external disk). Again, you are moving from a higher security state to a lower one.

So think carefully before you make a change to your computer that will lower the security level.

In my case, I had only registered one finger (right index finger) because the Touch ID is on the right hand side and the index finger is the natural finger for me to use. It doesn't make sense to use the maximum number of Touch ID finger identifications if you only use one.

My iPad touch is different. I have the thumbs and index fingers of both hands registered with Touch ID since I frequently use different fingers to press the Home Button.