My view of IOS after originally hating it, a more balanced review

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by gadget123, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I was one of the people who originally hated the new IOS7 but my first impressions are it does the same job under a new shell.

    Here's what I like:

    *The new light grey keyboard is more modern but the darker one when you swipe to search as an extra would have been a nice.

    *The new lock screen is good.

    *Adding the security code into the new IOS when you install it is good.

    *Camera app is much better and offers more.

    *Siri is much more responsive.

    *The circle signal bar is good and new ringtones.

    *If you choose a block colour like blue it makes it like a theme.

    The Neither good or bad:

    *Calculator is very good but the previous one was just as good.

    *The new photo album is good but not an improvement on the old one but equally a decent change.

    *The App store is more white but again does the same job.

    *The icons got bad reviews but for me they are brighter yes but not as unprofessional as they seemed at first. What's the worst? Maybe Game Centre but I never use that.

    *The animation and moving the phone thing is fine neither slows or speeds up my Iphone 5.

    *The new settings in white colour is fine, again same job I would have preferred the blue like the top menu over the green to swipe the functions on.

    *I'm more inclined to add a photo to my contacts for when someone calls with IOS7 so maybe that's a fair point but it could be done with IOS6 I believe anyway.

    *Weather got hyped at the event but it's just as good as the old one neither better or worse.

    *Notification and multi tasking are again similar but notifications have improved. Multi tasking offers little over the old version other than it being smoother and the pages being in the middle of the screen.

    The bad:

    *Camera seems smaller now you have icons down the side so this doesn't quite make use of the screen.

    *The lack of customisation to maybe change the keyboard or menu colours. Safari matches other browsers of the moment but the last one for me functioned slightly better for searching.

    Not too much like I say it's neither better or worse than the last IOS. IOS5/6 were all good and came with 200 new features.

    Iphone 5C is decent I don't personally buy but I hear a lot of people who like it more than the metal one now. It's not free on a contract like the 4S so it will be another winner this year for Iphone 4S. Come iPhone 6 the budget Iphone 5C if it stays and drops down to a free will prove a big hit.

    Iphone 5S is an innovation with fingerprint. The camera flash has had a decent improvement and it should be faster running IOS. I've ordered a 16GB over a 32GB due to the price rise in the UK and I usually buy sim free.

    So the verdict is update, it has some cool features and it will take some time getting use to it. Heard a lot of complaints but over all people seem happy with it. Seems slower on Ipad though at the moment. I think future updates like IOS8 should add to it and maybe if they can add more customisation it will keep people happy. Keeping IOS6 would be just as good as again it does a good job and it's fast. Icons and textures are nice but perhaps in a few months when others have updated it will seem like a vintage Iphone.

    I'm not saying I love IOS6, I hated it at first but I understand where Apple are going and it is the current design, it's modern and with the times. It may change again but it's an Iphone, premium quality, well made and much faster than other touch phones on the market. Camera is one of the best around. 4S is a bit of an odd one out having the old pin connectors and smaller screen.

    I recommend a Iphone 5, 5C or Iphone 5S on IOS7. And yes it does look better in person when you try it, even if you pop down to your local Apple shop and try before you install. I posted this in a new thread as I was posting a lot when it was announced and there was many others who agreed and still a lot of negative people unwilling to upgrade. So yes, give it a try and update. :)

    I will post back in a few weeks about how I'm getting on with the new OS and Iphone 5S when it arrives.

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