My WD Black Caviar says it is a WD Blue Caviar?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by designergrey, Nov 27, 2010.

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    I was searching for a TB hard drive and happened to system info profile my current drives to see what model I had specifically. Then I noticed when I pulled up the model number it says it is a WD Caviar Blue drive, not a Black drive. Could the Mac system profiler be wrong? Or is it the wrong drive? The model number should be WD10000LSRTL but the mac says it is WD10EALS.

    I bought a boxed version from Best Buy and I am comparing the serial number to the box to the serial number on the profiler so I know I am looking at the right thing.

    I attached the profile info and the registration info I just got when I registered it. Am I going crazy? It just doesn't seem right.

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  2. xyzzy-xyzzy, Nov 27, 2010
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    Interesting. On black Friday (and perhaps this whole weekend) Best Buy was selling the WD10000LSRTL for about $60. I did some investigation about that model number and from what I found was that it is the retail number for the WD1001FALS, i.e., WD10000LSRTL is just the WD1001FALS in a box (as opposed to the oem which is a bare drive in a static bag). I didn't need one but my neighbor did. So he went to Best Buy and picked one up. Upon opening we indeed found the disk was a WD1001FALS (and the box also had a few mounting screws and an instruction sheet of some kind -- didn't look at it).

    So, out of curiosity, what's the white label on the drive say it is? If it's indeed a (blue) WD10EALS drive that came in a black box marked with model number WD10000LSRTL I would think someone pulled a switch (or packing error) and you should take it back to Best Buy. I know I would.
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    A warranty check on Western Digitals homepages for the serial number above says it is a WD10000LSRTL.

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    Looks like it is a packing mistake.

    This has happened to me before with WD Drives. Went to Best Buy to pick one up. I purchased a 1TB Caviar Black, went home installed it in the Mac Pro. And went to format it, but was surprised to discover that it was actually a Caviar Green drive. I didn't read the label on the bare drive before installing. Also it had data on the drive already, Windows files by the look of it. Needless to say I took it back to Best Buy explained the situation and they swapped out the drive.

    That was several years ago, but I figured I would relay the story so that you would know your not crazy you did get the wrong drive in the box.
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    Here is the reply from Western Digital:

    "The same drive may have a different model number. Even though the model number is different, the drive is the same. The difference is that we label our drive's model number based on the drive's manufacturing place and the drive's purpose (OEM, retail).

    According to our system and our records, the drive is a WD10000LSRTL Caviar Black. For some unknown reason your computer is recognizing the drive with a different model, maybe because of the drive has a different firmware."

    They said I could exchange it if I wanted to. But now I need a drive for all the stuff I put on the damn drive!
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