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Aug 5, 2012
My name is Brett Lullo and I have worked with children with special needs my entire life. Most recently, I worked at the NYU Child Study Center, working with children with autism and ADHD. I've taught swim lessons to children with special needs throughout my time at Princeton University. And in high school, I was a peer leader in the Adaptive PE classes.

My Learning Stories is an app for both the iPad© and iPhone© that enhances how children with special needs such as Autism, toddlers and primary school-aged children learn new tasks, transition to new activities, increase independence, and practice their social skills.

The My Learning Stories app allows children to directly interact with stories their parents, caretakers, or educators have created for them. By creating stories such as "Getting Ready for Bed at Night", "Going to School", and "Riding the Bus", parents can be confident that their child will be able to succeed in multiple environments.

My Learning Stories allows toddlers, children, and adolescents to flip through the story pages that their parents or educators have created, utilizing the touch capabilities of the iPad and iPhone.

Parents can take custom photos using the iPad and iPhone built in cameras or choose from any image from your devices Photo Library. These custom images will tailor each story to your child's specific needs while ensuring familiarity.

Children will love to hear their parents' voices after tapping the text on each page of the story. Recording a story is simple using the story creation tools.

Parents can easily export stories they have created at home and email them to be used on other iPads or iPhones, for use in the classroom or during an extracurricular activity. Stories can also be printed, for when iPad use is not available.

With My Learning Stories, parents can assign stories to a specific user, ensuring that the individual needs of each child is met (e.g. Pete's bedtime routine may vary from Tommy's). Each user is represented by a custom photo.

My Learning Stories will lend to many successes in your child's life by aiding their development in multiple activities and arenas.


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