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    MyQDOT Tracker 1.1 takes social networking to the next level by sharing needed information on Google map world wide.

    The Features:

    1. Users can share fuel prices
    2. Locations of parking inspectors
    3. Locations garage sales
    4. Pub happy hours, great cafes and restaurants
    5. Locations of speed cameras
    6. Locations of traffic hazards or accidents
    7. Post a message to the world
    8. Even find your parked car. You can see on the map as well as using the compass to point you in the correct direction

    The app uses your GPS location to post a marker on a map. Because the inaccuracy of the GPS (up to 1000m), you can manually adjust your posting by dragging your marker to the exact location.

    The concept:

    1. Each feature has a fixed life span e.g. Speed Camera has lifespan of 1 hour.
    2. Once posted, only the owner of that posting can move (drag) or delete (double tapping) that marker with a default vote count of +1.
    3. Only other users can vote or confirm the marker by double tapping on it which will increment the vote count by +1. When voted, the life span of that marker is reset so extending the life of the marker.
    4. Therefore, all features are maintained by the community. If no one can confirm a particular marker then it is no use and will phase out automatically.
    5. You can set an alert for your parked car, in which you will get a local notification when your car is about to expire
    6. The app will even tell you if there is a report of a parking inspector near your parked car
    7. If you are bad at directions, you can switch over to the compass mode, and activate the point to your car mode.

    The following website contains more information about the app:


    Version 1.3 is currently waiting for review at time of posting which will make the dragging and double tapping much easier.

    Your feedback and comments are most welcome


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    Aug 15, 2011
    MyQDOT Tracker v1.3 is now available on appstore

    Sample Screens

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    Free full version MyQDOT Tracker v3.0 promotion - limited time

    To promote version 3.0 release of the full version of MyQDOT Tracker, it will be free for a limited time.
    (Please download the app in the AppStore in your country. Just search for MyQDOT Tracker)

    Get your friends and family to download and start posting anything and everything. Some of the usage are:

    1. Track your friends' where about at the Show using the Message service
    2. Post a message live at cricket using the Message service
    3. Find your parked car using the Find My Car function
    4. Advertise your garage sales using the Garage Sales Service
    5. See and post and traffic hazards using the Traffic Report service. (There are live traffic updates in some areas, e.g. London, Maryland, Sydney, etc..)
    6. Avoid parking fines using your Parking reminder and Parking Inspector service
    7. Find your nearest major fuel stations from the 1000s of Fuel station locations around the world (currently available for UK, USA, CA, AU)
    8. Recommend great Cafes, Restaurants and Pubs by viewing and posting your recommendations
    9. Check out exactly your current GPS location, including your current altitude with the built-in GPS on your device
    10. MyQDOT Tracker will even tell you your current velocity
    11. You can use the magnetic Compass to find your direction and even parked car
    12. You can even set your own background theme

    Your feedback on the AppStore will be appreciated.
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