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    Jul 8, 2001
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    N64 Roms

    You cant, as far as I know. Most sites dont support the bandwidth, and if they do, they get shut down by Nintendo before much is downloaded. N64 Roms were huge about 4 years ago because you could buy (not in retail stores, but they were circulating in specialty stores) devices that could slide into your actual N64 and play a Rom from a disk. I never had one, or used one, but that was what I am familiar with.

    I know the sites are out there, and, if you're lucky, can get some actual files downloaded. Ive tried before, but they are always garbage files once downloaded.
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    Oct 25, 2001

    You will need a file transfer/sharing program to download the files. The "hl" in http://www.hlsearch.com refers to Hotline, which can be downloaded at http://www.bigredh.com and is cross platform. This is important to note because all ROM's for console game emulators are also cross platform. That means you can download a ROM from PC Hotline server.

    Not that you asked, but you can also find Gameboy Advance ROM's on Hotline if you look. The emulator is a bit slow, but it looks great! Check out the following emulators.


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    found some

    Yes I did find some on Hotline Client.
    Using Sixty force. Mario cart is the only one ive tried so far. It works pretty well. Slow at some times.
    Does anyone know if Golden Eye works with sixty force?
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    I usually use it for mp3's only, but maybe try out Limewire? U can find everything from jpegs to video to applications to music with it.


    Just a thought anyway!
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    I'm so dissapointed my friggen university is limiting not only bandwidth but they banned filesharing services and I was all excited about using Hotline, now i'm stuck, does anyone know of a big IRC community out there for MAC?
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    Re: :(

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