Name-calling and name-callers

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  1. Bill McEnaney, Apr 29, 2011
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    This thread is about name-calling that conservatives, moderates, liberals, and others do. Please feel free to point out any example of public name-calling, especially public name-calling that conservatives have done. I say "public name-calling" because I'm thinking mostly about public figures. I would hate to hear anyone, including me, libel, slander, detract, or calumniate anyone. Name-callers may have committed any sin I've just described. But my purpose in't to name-call in the words public figures use. It's to point out evil, so we can fight it. This discussion is about actions, not about any name-caller's motives for name-calling.

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    Name-calling is a form of ad hominem attack that draws a vague equivalence between a concept and a person, group or idea. By linking the person or idea being attacked to a negative symbol, the propagandist hopes that the audience will reject the person or the idea on the basis of the symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence.
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    This just seems silly, both sides do's part of the game, but its really not the end of the world if the people play(so voters and politicians) don't make its the focus of their debate.

    You can call someone a name, but then still focus on ideas and plan to better the nation
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