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    A number of issues on PSRI can be traced back to (or made better by) education. Economic decline, international achievement disparity, cycle of poverty, etc.. Several threads have included an idea, a national school. Thinking it through, this might be both practical and politically possible. Here’s a rough draft to bring these ideas together and start a focused conversation.

    At least one campus in all 50 states, located by opportunity and benefit
    2-4 stage education stages (elementary, middle, high)
    Gradual age based implementation (start with grade K cohort)
    Room and board for all students
    Optional preschool programs

    Associates degree graduation level
    Competes with existing schools for students
    Coordinates with universities for maximum transfer eligibility
    College prep plus employer focused vocational/internship options

    University education departments create programs to certify teachers
    Tuition assistance for agreeing to teach at less desirable campuses
    No unions, everyone gets a contract - 1st year probation + 3 years guaranteed
    Automatic termination after contract, with option to reapply without probation
    Apply to other campuses with no risk to contract or current job

    All campuses function as a system, same standards, same funding
    Provisions for regional variations, school uniforms, etc
    Bottom up innovation with innovation rewards and national review / adoption
    Top down innovation centers with centralized and decentralized evaluation / adoption

    No requirements to attend
    Any parent can apply to any campus
    Any parent can withdraw at any time for any reason

    Life skills, including money and nutrition
    Cultural awareness and apprecation
    Structured time and activities
    Teacher/student and student/student mentoring
    Family time & vacations
    Personal and professional counseling and guidance
    Sports, Arts, Music, & Agriculture programs

    National purchasing power of equipment and supplies
    Purchase or lease existing schools to reduce transition time/costs
    Replaces some public schools outright, using existing property taxes or paid with federal taxes, then reduce property taxes as current schools close
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    Teacher's unions would eat any politician that signed onto this, for lunch.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    This sounds way to Orwellian.

    The biggest failure in our current education system isn't the teachers or the schools, it's crappy parenting.
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    Southern Dad

    May 23, 2010
    Shady Dale, Georgia
    Wow! Look at that we agree on something. The teacher only sees your child 160-180 days per year. The parents have them 365. The parents are the primary teachers of the kids. When parents realize this, the kids are far better off.
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    Lots of rich kids who get sent to boarding school are really ****ed up because of it.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    Haha, yes. Exactly.

    The teacher seeks a kid 30 hours a week 36 weeks a year which comes out to 1080 hours. Parents are responsible for the rest which works out to 7656 hours a year (including sleep time). Take away 8 hours a night sleep and the parents are still responsible for 4736 hours, so the school's 1080 hours represents only 18.5% of the child's year.

    Our politicians need to stop expecting the teachers to raise children in 18% of that child's life. Garbage programs like No Child Left Behind have forced schools to spend more time on other things related to the kids welfare that parents should be doing instead of focusing on education.

    Also, parents need to start taking some responsibility. Before, if a student got in trouble, the parent would side with the teacher and discipline their child. But now, many of these entitled parents go in with the "my kid can do no wrong" attitude and blame the teacher instead of the child for the child getting in trouble. That's a huge problem and it's leading to even-more entitled children.

    On top of that, the schools in most of this country are falling behind the developed world. Part of this is due to the fact that the schools have to spend a bunch of time teaching students/taking care of things that the parents should be doing, and part of it is just due to many of our schools underperforming.

    This study came out last year:

    The now ranks 36th in the world for education. That's terrible for a country that tries to position itself as a world leader. Education is a major problem in this country and we need to commit way more to education if we want to turn this country around.

    It is possible, and my home state of Massachusetts proves it. While the US as a whole ranks 36th in the world, that same study shows if you take Massachusetts alone and compare it to the countries around the world:

    MA ranks 4th in the entire world in reading, 10th in math, and 7th in science while the US as a whole ranks 36th. How? Massachusetts has committed tons of resources in the last two decades towards improving its schools. It is definitely possible for the rest of the country to turn around it's education system. It's going to cost money, but if the rest of the US takes a page from Massachusetts' book, we can turn our education system around, and in turn, increase both our short-term and long-term economic outlook for this country.

    An educated society is what creates a prosperous society, and if we want to return America to really being a world leader, a massive investment in our education system is one of the biggest things we need to do.
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    Southern Dad

    May 23, 2010
    Shady Dale, Georgia
    Schools are a local/state matter. The federal government needs to get out of the school business. If the school is on a military base or Indian reservation, it's federal otherwise let the local/state handle it.

    The school district my daughter goes to lost almost all of its federal funding a few years ago when it cut back to a 160 school day calendar. The school district is doing far better now then before. (Walton County, GA - not Social Circle, that's a separate district)

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