Need advice on how to fix iphone speaker/mic and should I bring to Genius Bar or not?


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Apr 3, 2010
Ok so first off, thanks in advance to anybody who takes the time to reply.

So here's the story: I was at a resturant about an hour ago and there was a little plate of vinegar on the table. And being the idiot I am I accidentally dropped the bottom of the part of my iphone into it. Well now the bottom speaker/mic sound like the volumes turned almost all the way down when I try to use them to play music and people can barely hear me when I try to talk to them on the phone. Right now the iphone's sitting on the shelf and I have this huge fan blowing right at it into the speaker/mic but I'm not sure if it'll work or not. So far, it hasn't. *EDIT: Now it's in a huge bag of rice. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with having to do that.*

Now I was gonna take it to the Genius Bar if it doesn't work by tomorrow but I was wondering what they'll do. Will they swap it for a new one or charge me for a new one or something else? It's an iphone 3G, and it's back from December 2008 so it's over a year old. And do I need to bring in any proof of ownership or something along those lines because I read that somewhere else?



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Oct 14, 2005
It doesn't sound like your phone is under warranty, so you'll probably be given the option to give them your phone and buy an out-of-warranty replacement phone for $199.

If it was still under warranty, and the vinegar didn't turn the water detector thingies red, then they'd likely swap you out with a replacement phone for free.

Generally speaking, they don't repair iPhones -- they just swap with replacements.

Remember to go online to and make a Genius Bar appt before you go into the store. And you shouldn't need to bring any proof of purchase, ... they almost always know it.


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Jan 18, 2010
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I had a friend of mine tackle me in the snow as I was pulling my iPhone 3G out of my pocket and the thing flew through the air like a frizz-bee right into a snow pile. It was acting all kinds of weird and was told to put it in a bag of rice, and it surprisingly worked! I'm not sure if that would work with the Olive Oil since it's not composed as water; it has a much higher clotting factor. I doubt Apple will do anything for you; and if you do go make an appt. I def. would not tell them what really happened. Make sure it's worth your time going, and that the water marker inside the device havent been triggered. (One right above the 30 prong charger and one inside the 2.5mm jack. If they are pink ur screwed. if they are white, u have a good chance.


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Jan 17, 2010
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unfortunately the dock connector assembly which houses the charging port, mic, antenna, and speaker, is not very forgiving when it comes to water. you can generally have this repaired at most local shops for about $60 or less. if you go to apple it will cost you $199 and you will lose your phone. they will give you a refurbished one.


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Apr 3, 2010
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Vinegar, dock, speakers... just don't mix.

Vinegar is an acid and is much worse than water or most liquids when it comes to sensitive electronics. The rice works in the place of desiccant leaching moisture out of the surrounding air. In this case your iPhone. The acids however, have probably already done what ever damage they are going to cause, but the water within the vinegar is the key. If you submerged the phone far enough to cause the vinegar to go up through the dock connector into the logic board, the odds are the logic board is well.... worth less than the vinegar it was dipped into. On the other hand if you only submerged it slightly, you may have just cleaned your dock contacts. Unfortunately, with the iPhone not responding, it would seam the vinegar has made its way into the logic board area of the iPhone.

Since you are out of warranty you can simply remove the two screws next to the dock. Using a suction cup, carefully pull the glass away from the rear case. You can find lots of youtube videos on this. Just be gentle and very careful not to pull up to far until you free the cables. You can then look at the water indicators on the logic board. If one or more of the indicators are red, water damage if the problem. if they are not, then you may get away with a simply replacing the dock, mic and speaker assembly as mentioned above.

You can also send or take it to any iphone repair shop that offers free diagnostics and let them tell you what the issues are.