Need help choosing a small desk & monitor size for living room

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    I posted this to accessories but realize that might not have been the correct sub forum for this advice.

    My wife and I have the 2015 rMB, and ideally would love a monitor that can actually drive 4k without any "lagging issues". I've read some info that says that resolution on 24" is not as good.

    We've gotten to the point where we want to buy a 24" or 27" monitor to hook the laptops up to. We have limited space in our living room, and want something minimalist (that doesn't look like a computer desk) so that it integrates into the space well. We are planning on going with a 4K Monitor since my wife is primarily going to use the desk for photo editing.

    We have roughly 34-36" in width to work with.

    A few questions:
    1. Any suggestions for a desk? We need a shelf, or somewhere to place the laptop when we dock it to hookup to the monitor. We were looking at something like this one: Also was looking at this Ikea desk (but it's 5" shorter in width):
    2. Should we go with 24" or 27"? In looking at the P2415Q and P2715Q, it seems that the 27" only takes up a little over more 1" additional in width.
    3. Should I wall mount the monitor to free up space?

    The desk would also ideally have somewhere (a drawer) to place the keyboard and mouse when not in use, but that's not critical

    Thanks in advance!
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    OP wrote:
    "We have roughly 34-36" in width to work with."

    You're gonna need a bigger desk!
    (apologies to Stephen Spielberg, "Jaws")

    Even if it means relocating other things within the living room, consider that.

    Perhaps something like this?

    I'd suggest a 27" display instead of 24". They're just nicer.
    And you're going to want room to put the MacBook on the desk, along with other stuff, too. Trust me on that one!
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    Jun 6, 2010
    Bigger desk really isn't an option. It's a small NYC apartment with that 3 feet in the corner to work with. We currently work on our dining table so feel like anything would be an upgrade.

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