Need help on a media related career

Discussion in 'Community' started by blvdeast, Nov 24, 2003.

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    Nov 19, 2003
    Cliffside Park, NJ
    I like the media. Love playing around with TV's, stereos, VCR/DVD..... I have been switching around from TV/Radio Productions, Media Specialist, Mass Digital Multimedia, Mass Communications, Journalism, and Film Editing. As most know Mac's are famous for being in the core of the graphic/film designers so maybe some here on this board might already have a career that I am interested in and could help me out. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Jul 27, 2003
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    As I see it, it goes three ways. First you've got to determine which is you:

    1. Programming/Analytical type - loves code, or perhaps tinkering with hardware. Artistic stuff not a strong point.
    2. The graphic artist, photographer, etc. Is all about aesthetics, doesn't much care for coding, but produces some beautiful eye candy!
    3. The content developer. Strong language, composition, and grammar skills. Loves to write, even tech writing, research etc.

    Perhaps a little of all three? If you're able to determine what you really enjoy doing, and narrow the field a bit, you'll find something perfectly suited.

    For me at least, enjoying what I do all day is more important than how lucrative the job is. Pleasure may not be your primary objective, so that is important to define as well.
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    Nov 19, 2003
    Cliffside Park, NJ
    Re: Need help on a media related career

    I do lean more into the visual camera, editing, production area. I just want to get some first hand account of how each job is. If I am a film editor, will I spend my whole day stuck in a little booth editing a scene by myself? If I am a cameraman, will I pick the angles, and the shots or will I just do that the director tells me to do? If I am a producer will I work in an office giving orders, or will I be working to get the footage on the cabel/satelite/network feed? These three careers are just examples but they are my top ideas right now
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    May 9, 2001
    You are at the other extreme of where I am now. I have all the education but I have to choose for one because I have to specialize just in one particular area.

    To make the story short, when I started to develop in 3D environment was tehre when I realized all the things I wanted/had to know. I have been learning each. I need to learn about:
    1. Video editing: I'm doing in with Final Cut Pro
    2. Materials and textures: Photoshop
    3. 2D and animation: After Effects.
    4. Compositing: After Effects & traditional Photography.

    Then, I learned that I was more and operator than a creative individual. What I neede was more creative graphical education. That mean that I recomend you to study Graphic Design and/or Photography if you want to be in the cerative environment.

    The toold are nood good enough if you do not have nothing to work with in your mind. Having the talent, then you can choose your tool.

    I recomend you to take a lot of curses in Photography, just because the fact that no mater how good is your idea, if you do not use the right visual perspective you are gonna loos all the work.

    Then learn about lighting, to play with light is very fun and you can use that for everything, 3D animation, Photography, Stage Desing, Concerts, Interior Decoration, etc.

    Those are my well condenced 2 cents in my life.

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