Need help/opinion for buying new PM


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Dec 21, 2002
Hi. I need a new G4, am vacilating between the dual 1 and 1.25. In general, I want the faster machine.

I've read allusions on some other posts to motorola not really having a 1.25 chip, tha it may possibly be an overclocked 1GHz chip (whatever that means). I've also seen (barely) mention of problems with these units overheating.

I'll be using this for my small business, so I need it to make a living - the extra speed of the 1.25 would be nice but I'm a bit concerned about it (aside from how much more money it is). A stable but slower dual 1GHz wouldn't hurt my business, a faster but unreliable (if that is the case) dual 1.25 would.

If any of you have either of these, I'd sure appreciate a quick testimonial (good, bad or indifferent).

If any of you know about the motorola chip issue, boy would I sure like to know about that! And, if so, does it necessarily mean that the dual 1.25 isn't stable or really a lot faster than the dual 1?

Am brand new here, would much apreciate any help. Seasons Greetings and best regards to all.


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
If you could post what type of work you'd be doing with your machine that'd help us advise on what machine would suit you best (spec & price).
Before knowing this information I'd just say go with a dual 1Ghz and put alot of RAM in it. You'd be better spending the extra money that you would save from not forking out for the dual 1.25 on maxing out the RAM on the dual 1Ghz.

Welcome to MacRumors and seasons greeting 2 u 2! :)


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Jan 19, 2002
Overclocking is somthing done by end users, or fly by night PC assemblers.

It CANNOT be done by Motorola, and is not being done by Apple.

The chips in the 1.25 sample at Motorola as 1.25s. Period.

When chips are produced, the are tested to see how fast they'll go, and rated. Moto is rating these chips as 1.25s. Under the heatsink in the PM, the processors are silkscreened by Moto with the appropriate rating. Period.

It may be that all these chips are the same chip, and are given different ratings, or it may be that the 867, 1, and 1.25 each have their own fab lines. That does not matter.

What matters is that:
Moto cannot overclock a chip, because when they sell a chip whatever speed they sell it at is its rated speed.
Apple will not overclock a chip, because the potential PR, warranty, and credibility losses far outweigh other concerns.

A chip is overclocked mostly by end users, mostly in the PC world, and mostly via BIOS tweaks and cooling enhancements. Some fly-by-night strip mall PC stores will overclock chips in generic boxes for retail sale. This is the only way to buy a new machine which is overclocked.

With all that said, if your business is requires horespower (rendering, heavy graphics, etc.) the Dual 1.25 is a bit faster than the Dual 1, but if you business is not dependent on horsepower, 2 Dual 867s will give you more porductivity for ~ the cost of of a Dual 1.25


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I've never heard of the 1.25s overheating. In fact people are successfully overclocking them to above 1.3 without over heating problems. The only time I've heard over overheating problems was when someone overclocked theres to around 1.5. It did run there for quite a while but eventually started locking up. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. That's a huge jump much more then any over G4 I've ever heard of.


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Dec 21, 2002
Hello again, wow, folks reply quick on this - I barely just had breakfast!

Work I'm doing is digital audio, lots of processing, interleaving dual mono files into stereo, applying dsp, running super processing pigs like altiverb, etc

Thank you to all, thanks also for the education on overclocking - please bear with me, I really know next to nothing about this - just don't want to spend the extra $800 on the top-of-the-line and then regret it (any more than I'll regret something newer coming out and making what I buy obsolete in 30 minutes, but that will happen no matter what I do)

thanks again all!