Need help:Photo-Mediathek makes jump the whole Desktop (MP6.1 Sierra)

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Riwam, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Jan 7, 2014
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    Any help of a person with more knowledge that the little I have will be appreciated.:)

    If i go in this way: MacHarddisk -> My user name Folder -> Pictures -> Photo-Mediathek
    the whole desktop with any other open windows begins madly to blink and the title bar shifts continuously between the titles of photo and those of the other app open.
    Besides any harddrive icon I might click on blinks madly as well.:eek:
    I had not noticed any of the like before during the 3 years I have the MP 6.1.
    This crazy shifting of the title bar and blinking in the windows takes some time in which the computer cannot be managed or words in a Word window duly written.
    The Photo icon jumps wildly on the dock all the time the bug takes.
    However if I go a different way and I click on that same icon of Photo in the dock, opens apparently normally.:confused:
    I cannot therefore understand that the same app works in one way and makes the whole desktop crazy in another.:mad:

    I also had for the first time in 3 years a kernel panic some days before I noticed this strange blinking.
    Don't know if there might be any relationship.:rolleyes:

    Something different called my attention as well.
    I had installed through Bootcamp Windows 10 in that same computer and when it starts there is a short very strong lightning I had not noticed in the past. :confused:

    That makes me fear a problem with the GPU and not with macOS only.:(

    Any hint or experience relating to any of the problems I mentioned would be very appreciated. :)

    I intend to use my (unfortunately) last AppleCare case number opened one day before the AppleCare period was finished :oops: to have it checked by the local Apple technicians but am afraid to be dismissed after some days with a cheap and easy explanation like that "it is not a hard but a software problem" or "that I should reinstall the OS"... and so on.
    So any piece of info someone here might be so kind to give me will be extremely useful and very appreciated!!!:)
    Thanks in advance!

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