Need help setting up a Server... lots of questions and lots of help needed

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by AquaMan1688, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2013

    Okay, I’m new here and have no idea on what to do about building a Mac server or what set-up would be best, so I’m asking for help.

    Current Hardware at Home:
    -13 Inch MacBook Pro
    -iPhone 5
    -iPad w/ Retina Display
    -PC running Linux
    -60 gig PS3
    -2 gig X-Box 360
    -Receiver with 2 HDMI Inputs-One out to TV
    -Netgear Wireless N-Router (Willing to upgrade this piece of equipment as well)

    Current Hardware at the Office:
    -(4) Mac Mini’s
    -(4) PC

    Okay, I really enjoy using my mac and have used them for about 10 years. What I’m looking to do is build a server to:

    -Act as a Media Server at home
    -Move Blurays and DVD’s to Server
    -Back-up all my files at home and the office including girlfriend’s computers from her apartment
    -Host a small FileMaker Pro Database for work that I can access through portforwarding
    -Also I’m looking to get rid of my cable service since I have Fiber Optic broadband and am looking for options to get rid of regular TV and not miss out too much
    -Be my personal iCloud
    -Connect multiple TV’s to the server for Media in different rooms of the house
    -All flatscreens, but not the most current

    I need help with figuring out what hardware I need. (I don’t mind buying a new Mac Mini and a NAS or whatever else I need.)

    I’d also like to know what all Apps would help me with this (primarily getting rid of my cable) and what their cost might entail. Or any that are REALLY cool.

    My current budget is around 2000 USD but I can do a little more if there are some options out there that will make it that much better. If possible maybe add an okay Laser Printer to the mix and stay within budget.

    Please help me out.



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