Need help with a couple of watches please? Rolex and Loris Azzaro.

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    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone can give me any info on a couple of watches I'm trying to find out about? The first one is a Rolex, given to my father in law whilst he was working for the Sultan of Oman in the Middle East, in the mid 80's. The Coat of Arms of Oman is on the face.
    The second watch made by/for Loris Azzaro, not sure if it's gold or not as they don't use hallmarks apparently, but again was given to my father in law by the Sultan, so I'd imagine it was half decent (says Swiss made). On the back is the coat of arms and also the following wording; Water resistant 3ATM Registered model number 012389 Swiss H891. Stainless steel back. Anyone got any ideas, values etc?
    Thanks for looking,
    Just gotta learn how to attach the photos now!

    Not sure how to get photos on the page so if you click on my user name, Batz, there's an album with them in there. Cheers

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