Need HP drivers for 10.5 but don't have DVD with me - can I copy from another mac??

Discussion in 'macOS' started by PDE, May 10, 2008.

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    I helped a friend in Europe buy and set up a macbook pro in the fall. It came with Tiger and a free upgrade to leopard that we didn't take advantage of because I already had a leopard DVD. When I initially set it up, I tried to get one of her HP printers to show ink level and messed up by installing the HP drivers from 10.4 - AND uninstalled the leopard specific drivers.

    She's been fine printing with these drivers, but wanted to add a printer to her setup (a HP 5740). Unfortunately, I keep getting an error message on her computer when I try adding that printer. When i try with my dad's computer (a macbook running leopard), there's no problem, so I'm assuming this is a driver issue and that I need to reinstall the leopard drivers.

    The problem is I don't have my 10.5 DVD with me and the drivers are not downloadable. Is there any way I can move the 10.5 drivers from my father's macbook to my friend's MBP? I tried dragging the printer folder to the library on my friend's computer, but the fax and print preference pane just crashed after that. What else can I try?

    Thanks for any advice! I feel bad because my friend has been using PCs for a very long time and was excited about becoming a mac user, yet there have been several things that haven't worked properly for her (thing I've never encountered....of course!). I'd really like to fix this for her so she can use her printer.

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    Try using CUPS

    You could try using Mac's Unix utility to install the printer, it's CUPS (Common Unix Printing Service). Printers can be managed in this way. For access to this, type the numbers into your browser.
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    You should be able to download the latest HP drivers from
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