Need new IDE PCI Card? slow drives

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    Jun 9, 2002
    Hi all.

    Just before installing panther I bought an extra 200gb Maxtor Hard Drive. THis goes with my 120gb (ATA100 bus) and my 80gb (shares the ATA66 bus with the new 200gb)

    My system is aDual 1ghz MDD PowerMac G4 and I use it for audio work. My 120gb is my main system disk and I store all audio samples and recordings on my 80gb and I use the 200gb as a backup.

    Since installing the new drive I have experienced a slow down in the system in general (although this could be panther) it seems to take ages to spin the disks up so my computer stops responding for short periods every so often, this is very annoying. But perhaps more annoying is when the new disk spins up it seems to flood the ide channel and so playback in logic grinds to a halt with a disk too slow error.

    How should I solve this? WHat is the best IDE PCI Card out there and have any of you used it with panther?



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