Need QuickBooks - buy Mac?

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    Mar 17, 2004
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    I'm trying to switch a friend of mine to Mac since he's having a hell of a heap of problems with his crappy Wintel computers.

    But he needs to use QuickBooks for his job. I know there's a QuickBooks for the Mac, but can it do everything the Windows version can? For instance, when he played with it in the Apple Store, he said it can't customize a invoice - it forces him to use a default invoice, while in the Windows version (he uses QuickBooks 2004) he makes his own invoice style or something (I've never used QuickBooks myself).

    Is this true, or has he just missed something? Anything else he should know? If he couldn't do what he could on the Windows version, he's going to get a Dell.

    Yes I know Inuit sucks the big one, but I ain't going to try to get him to switch to another financial program - he barely knows how do use a computer, and I'm not even going to bother.
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    Feb 14, 2004
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    He can customize an invoice in QuickBooks for the mac- same way as he can on the PC version... I've used both- they're both OK... Nothing great- but pretty much the finacial standard... I don't use QB 6- didn't see much reason to upgrade for my needs... The only thing I don't like about the mac version is that you can't get just "QuickBooks" — they only make "QuickBooks Pro" which is more money... That's fine if you need job tracking, & such- if not , you're getting it

    One thought is to have someone pre-print his heading & logo & then just print the individual invoices from that... Saves on wear & tear on your printer... Just a thought...

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