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  1. Wilson macrumors regular

    Jun 26, 2004
    My girlfriend has a situation here. She's a design student that wants to buy a Mac. She is deciding whether to buy a 15" 1.33Ghz powerbook or a powermac dual 1.8Ghz. The price difference between the two is $100(CDN) more for a powermac.

    She's leaning towards getting the powerbook because she has a PC she got not too long ago and she wants to continue using that for various reasons. I personally think it's better for her to get the powermac because it's more powerful and will be great for her to do her design work on.

    If she were to get the powermac, would there be a way for her to hook up the powermac and a PC to one monitor? Her monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 171s.

    Any advice on this is much appreciated, thank you.
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    Jun 9, 2004
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    make sure you get the education discount

    Regardless of what you do, make sure to get the education discount. You can check it out on the apple store website and click on the green apple icon that says something like "for educator's"
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    I think that some device known as a KVM Switch will do this. I've only heard about it, so maybe someone with this setup can verify. Do a quick Google search for "KVM Switch" and see if it turns up anything helpful.

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