Need Some Purchasing Advice.....


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Apr 30, 2002
New York, NY
hey there,

first off, i am proud to announce that this is my first foray into the mac world, in addition to this being my first post in this community.

now, i need so buying advice from the mac experts here.

here's my situation.....i am entering college next year, and with that comes the task of purchasing a laptop that will hopefully last about 4 years. i have already decided that i am going to get a mac for the first time.

the basic principle here is that it needs to last for four long years. i am currently eyeing the "Ultimate" model PowerBook (800 MHz, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB HD, etc...), with a bunch of extras such a pro mouse and keyboard, the Apple Protection Plan, Mac Office, and those neat Harmon Kardon soundsticks speakers.

here's my big question......i am really anxious to go out and purchase it this very moment, but college doesn't start until auguest. should i wait until leater on in the year to pull the trigger, or should i go out and splurge rite now? if i should wait, how long do you think i should hold out?

thanks in advance for all your help!


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Oct 5, 2001
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You can always depend on Apple to either cut prices or intro a new model right after you buy a new's simply one of the truths here in the Mac world.

That said, I think you should wait and see what happens in the next few months. Another update is highly unlikely, but a price drop is not out of the question. Besides, if there are any issues with this model, such as distribution, video problems (since it's a new card/output), heat issues, etc., they will be worked out (hopefully) by then.


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Dec 11, 2001
i was also considering getting a powerbook & some new toys for college... but i've decided to wait a little longer

but then again i'm still a junior in high school :)

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
I'd wait too. You might find out that when you're in school there might be something you'll need specifically that you don't know about right now that will adjust your decision on what machine you'll end up buying.

Besides, it will be after WWDC in May and MWNY in July, any number of things could happen before then, even a new upgrade in processors for the TiPB.

Good luck and welcome to Macdom


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Jan 6, 2002
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I agree... you should wait. But jump in the second the price drops!

If you want to save more money, may I suggest you buy as little from Apple as possible. You can usually save quite a lot of money by fitting your Mac out with cheaper (but equal quality) parts from other places.

It's easier to save money on a desktop than a PowerBook, though, so have a look around.


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Hold off until at least MWNY. I am getting one of the 800MHz models this week, but I am one of the Mac addicted. I have a Rev A TiBook that I purchased last March, and would have kept it longer, except Apple finally is using the Radeon 7500 in the new one.

That video chip is not new, new to Apple, but it has been out for a little time. Long enough for ATI to make sure it is right.

I also wouldn't bother with the HK speakers, there are tons of options out there, do some research. Cambridge Soundworks has excellent speaker setups that are not a ton of $$.

Also, if you wait until after MWNY, the 60GB drive very well could be standard issue for the 800MHz (if it isn't faster by then).

Wait and see... you don't have anything to loose, unless you want to get the laptop now, and really can't wait.


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Hold off...

There is absolutely NO harm in holding off until MWNY. This way, you will get the absolute best machine you can before you go off to college!
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