Need spaning monitor on vista with MACBOOK PRO? HOW TOO HERE : )

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Dj-Grobe, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Dj-Grobe macrumors member

    Apr 10, 2007

    Apple, drtivers for vido under vista really sucks, its amazing the time they need for make correct drivers!!!...........:mad:

    Anyway, here a solution for all that MACBOOK PRO ATI runing vista needing better driver for gamming, or for spanning monitor (dual view)

    Go to download section, and you can download the driver at the end of web page.

    The only issue i see is the color showed on MBP LCD are little poor, after apply this driver, adjusting color with ATI PANEL fix a little trouble, but apple driver show better colors.......please confirm if this apreciation i make its correct, with thsi tweaked driver i see all colors a little blue.

    I imagine or this driver really show ugly colors? PLAESE CONFIRM

    If sombody find some fix to thsi ugly color, please post how fix the color........i continue wortking on this color issue.
    Driver its 100% stable , base don my test, i not are gammer, so no test gamming.

    This driver make the ATI card run with correct clock, so you have really nice power on ati card now runing CORE CLOCK TO 473MHZ !! and ram 468MHZ
    This generate a little more heat, and drain your batter more faster, i not recomend anyway use VISTA with battery : )
    :apple: guys !! you really should put more work on video drivers, at this moment with :apple: drivers, suers cant use dual view , cant select the external lcd work like primary monitor, etc etc etc.

    And new nvidia MBP drivers really sucks too.....

    Well here some temproal solution !! enjoy : )

    One question, its possible install VISTA without bootcamp, and mac osx?
    If somebody knwo how do steo by steo, please tellme. I ahve some idea how do, but not have lot of free time to test : ) so i apreciate working instructions.
  2. valiar macrumors regular

    Mar 14, 2006
    Washington, DC
    Strange... My OS X drivers for both ATI and Nvidia chips seem to work just fine.:D

    It is not drivers you have your problem with.

    It is Vista (can I say bleh now?). Because - guess what - everyone has problems with Vista drivers. Read Dell boards, or Nvidia boards, or ATI boards, or check some Thinkpad forums.

    Why would you want to run Vista at all? :confused: That POS has poor performance for gaming, is extremely annoying in general usage, and has nothing to go for it over XP, except slightly prettier interface, and that Flip-3D thingie.

    Why pay extra for an MBP if you are not using its main feature - OS X? It is your machine, of course...
  3. Dj-Grobe thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 10, 2007

    Under idea, i start test right now.

    Problems are drivers : ) drivers drivers drivers .............

    With this latest catalyst drivers tweaked for work on ATI X1600 (mobile version) the trouble of multiple scree its fixed : )

    On my imac 24" have same troubles, with nvidia.......example, i can change the external monitor for act like primary monitor....... its not possible.....driver not have that feature....

    I not say drivers work wrong, i just say drivers are incomplete..........the lasted botcamp 1.3 no have ATI PANEL available !! lol if you are gammer cant select some tweaks for better quality of your games, like antialiasing etc etc etc

    Drivers drivers drivers : ) al dual view troubles are just drivers not improved for that........just that.
    Well, tellme what notebook exist on the market with thsi spec:

    CORE 2 DUO 2.33Mhz
    160GB HD
    Good video card with 256mb
    Wonderfull design !! :)Wonderfull design !! :)Wonderfull design !! :)
    Firewire ports, 3 USB, slot where i have GPRS card for use internt form every place, and where i can run windows, and osx :) without hacks...........

    Only apple do that, and i clap my hands to apple !! let the final customer what wont run and when :) is the best apple make in the last years !!

    I live in Argentina, and no exist any machine close in spec to MACBOOK PRO here on my country.
    Only here few dell 17" models, with old cpus, at super higher prices, veru big size, heavye, etc etc
    Here in my country, mac its more cheap than dell, or sony vaio old models, and you cant find notebook with this performance here, and usually on any place of the world....

    About run windows......why not, macs now are PCs inside.....100% x386 compatible......just we need betetr drivers (people use dual view need better drivers) standar users work perfect with actual drivers.

    I testing now, vista and xp, i use ableton live + monotocuhlive (my midi controller project
    I need dual view feature working for us emy windows software monotouchlive, its possible i create son monotouchlive aplication fo osx, but dont know.....
    i have better experience with ive runing under really dont know.

    I leave OSX installed with 10gb partition, for see dvds when travel, surf the web if needed etc etc.
    OSX make MBP battery work more time, and its 100% secure for surf the web.
    With osx, i have some audio glitches and troubles with ableton live software, and that torubles not happen under vista or xp.

    On my situation, macbook pro, is the best option on my country market for super powerfull but portable dj traveling all time................all weekends.....

    With apple machine, i can run windows, and osx, when i need or when i decide : )
    Thanks for that STEVE : )

    Oh and one correction for all mac OLD SCHOOL users..........the main feature now on APPLE computers not its OSX, the main feature its now, the final user can choose what OS use on the APPLE machine.......for thsi simple reaosn apple, sell in the last year more machines in the complete APPLE history..... ic an run windows or linux or osx, or 3 on the same machine....

    That concept no is my concept, STEVE introudce that concept and its wonderfull........... thank you mr STEVE...
  4. valiar macrumors regular

    Mar 14, 2006
    Washington, DC
    Vista requires manufacturers to rewrite their drivers. As in, rewrite from scratch. Completely and utterly. Did you know about that?
    When it just came out, a lot of people had tremendous problems - and even now driver support under Vista leaves much to be desired. Just google for "vista driver bug".
    But as I said in my original post - it is your machine. If you wan to "tweak" the drivers, you just need to go to the nearest store and buy some Vista. Joy to the world :D
    Otherwise you could just run OS X and never have to think about drivers. Ever. To each his own.
  5. Dj-Grobe thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 10, 2007
    Valiar, when apple complete drivers for vista, i not have need think never more on vista drivers....... :)
    Simple like that

    I use OSX, but just for surf the web or see dvs etc etc.

    For my productions, and my live gigs i use windows, due i have better results with ableton + plugins + my software called MonoTouchLive etc etc

    This vista driver i make public on my site and on thsi post, solve my toruble and work perfect, just temperature color torubles, with more time i can fix that.

    Right now i start test on XP, for decide if use xp, or vista for use on my live gigs.

    Back to vista drivers, lol every body know need driver rewrited.....
    But apple drivers provided for windows really need more work.....

    video driver provided from apple for ati under xp on bootcamp 1.2 have ati panel available, but video driver for bootcamp 1.3 not have that ati panel available lol...
    This really ugly..........when sombody just forgot some thing like this, very important thing specially important for gammers and for people using dual view.........that is really ugly...........

    My request is.........hey apple guys, put more atention on video the next time !! just that !!! and specially atentionon dual view.......... dual veiw its very common today!!
    High percent of users of the market need dual view correctly working and no partially....

    :apple: ;)
  6. joamag macrumors newbie

    Jul 22, 2007

    Really nice job solved all my problems with the multi monitor support.

    Thanks for the drivers...

  7. benzslrpee macrumors 6502


    Jan 1, 2007
    ehh...i'm not sure how you got it working but i've been fiddling around with the program for 45 minutes and either i'm extremely stupid or Vista just doesn't want to recognize my external monitor. or the drivers have some issues somewhere...anyone else manage to get dual monitors working on a Ati x1600 yet?

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