need the opinion of some of you knowledgable folk about ugrading a pre-unibody MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by -greedy-, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. -greedy-, Feb 10, 2011
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    Feb 7, 2011
    For the last couple months ive been planning on getting whatever i can for my macbook pro 4,1 on kijiji and purchasing the next refresh. however, i recently got my mbp back after being sent out due to the screen fading. it now has a brand new top case/ screen and looks pretty much brand new.

    i'm now starting to consider just upgrading this mac and keeping at around for another year or so. i do alot of graphic design work mostly using photoshop/illustrator. i don't really use anything else more taxing than that. the mbp tackles my work pretty good for the most part but when opening a really large file i will beachball, and using some of the more advanced filters and features make photoshop hangup for 20 seconds or so. my question is if i were to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 6, would this make a difference for photoshop work? I also would get an SSD as soon as they drop in price.

    basically, for doing photoshop/design work would upgrading from 4GB to 6GB RAM and adding an SSD eventually be a big performance booster for my macbook pro 4,1?

    also, would moving from a core 2 duo to a sandy bridge processor make a big difference for photoshop design work?
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    i would not spend the money on upgrading that computer it has the 8600 gt that is known to fail randomly. It also has a sata I controller so a ssd will not be used to its max potential. The 1X4 gb ram module that you need is close to the price of 2X4 gb for the newer mbps.
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    You would be better putting the money towards a new MBP.
    Refresh due fairly soon so you might find some good deals on the mid 2010 models soon.

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