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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by John Jacob, Feb 15, 2007.

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    That I read a long time ago

    Hey MacRumors,

    I need to find a couple of books that I read a long time ago. I don't remember the titles, authors, publishers or ISBNs. All I do remember are the rough storylines. If anybody from MacRumors has read either of these books, could you tell me the title or the author's name? Thanks! :)

    First book (which I read in University, circa 1997):
    The story is about a Jewish high-school student whose family moves from New York to California. The story talks about his first car (his dad gives him the family station wagon), and two girls that he falls for: one the class beauty queen who is pursued by all the jocks, and the other a sweet Jewish girl whom his parents wish he would marry. I don't remember exactly, but the story kind of went like he pursues the beauty, went on a date or two with her, she ended it, he started going around with the Jewish girl, dumped her in DisneyLand when the beauty got into some kind of trouble with some other guy, went around with the beauty for a while, that ended once again after he took her (the beauties' sister) to Mexico to get an abortion, he went to UCLA, and (much later) finally ended up marrying the Jewish girl. I remember that the book was written by a female author, and I remember being impressed with the way she got into the head of a male lead character. Overall, a very candid love story.

    Second book (which I read while working in Canada, circa 2001):
    This was the book that kind of got me interested in gender issues. A college student was brutally raped by a Harvard jock whom she met at a party. The jock had a pattern of such behaviour. The jock enters politics, and finally becomes the leading candidate in the US presidential election. The woman who he raped gets a job on the politicians campaign staff, seduces him late one night and then files rape charges against him. The case goes to trial, and finally the politician is convicted. I know I didn't describe it very well, but it was a brilliantly written and gripping story. I felt like clapping at the end of it all.

    Thanks, folks!!
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    Try emailing your synopsise to these folk, they might be able to help you. Short of that... no idea, sorry.

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