Need your advice - 2017 MB 12” M3


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Oct 14, 2013

I need your advices regarding my situation.
I have a 2012 Mac mini i5, with upgraded RAM to 10Gb, and 250Gb SSD. I also have a iPad Pro 10.5 with Smart Keyboard that I use everyday for web, email and media consumption, but sometimes I feel constrained because of the OS. The Mac mini is used sometimes for importing pictures and for performing other tasks that the iPad does not perform, or does not perform so well like Office.

Since the MacBook as launched I always liked it because its compactness and lack of fan (noise). My usage is light, no heavy tasks, no video editing, only web, email, office, picture management and light picture editing in photos app.

Last week I found a 2017 M3 MacBook (base model) with 42% discount regarding the list price and because it was the last one (and also because I always liked it) by impulse I bought it. Note: once a month I travel to my hometown to see my family and spend the weekend there and a computer sometimes is helpful.

Now I think that I have more machines that I need, and the best option is to sell one, most probably the Mac mini.

What are your thoughts on my situation? Should I sell the Mac mini, sell the MacBook that is still sealed making some profit, sell the iPad or keep all?

The other option: call me bastard capitalist that buys things without needing them...


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Jun 18, 2017
I use all:

iMac for heavier desktop use, with dual large screens.
MacBook for computing on the road.
iPad for entertainment on the road, esp. when I don't need to carry the MacBook.

The one drawback with the MacBook for entertainment on the road is Netflix does not allow local downloads on macOS. The iPad allows this. Unfortunately, I hate using the iPad for any sort of productivity, or even surfing forums. It's just so much better having a proper trackpad and keyboard, paired with macOS.
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May 6, 2008
If I were in your shoes, I would sell the Mac Mini. Keep both the MacBook and iPad Pro as you can take both with you when you travel. It doesn't sound like you do many intensive tasks, so you should be just fine if you kept the MacBook and sold the Mac Mini.

I haven't used a desktop Mac in years, so I'm definitely more about portability than anything. But if you can afford to keep all three, then by all means keep them all.


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Nov 30, 2008
Macbook and iPad is the way to go. Dont see anything thst your mac can do that youre macbook cannot. Need a mac still because even in 2018 having an ipad just isnt enough.
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Jul 5, 2002
Unless you want/need a dedicated home server 24/7, I see no need for the mini in your setup and use cases. The Macbook should be sufficient for your macOS-related tasks and the iPad offers some options for on-the-go consumption in situations, where the MacBook is a bit unpractical.

Hence I'd sell the mini (or hand it down to a family member - you probably won't get too much money for the mini anyway).

Dominus Mortem

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Aug 3, 2011
Me too, sell the mini and keep the MB and iPad. That mini would be hard to take to your family's house and use on the go. On the other hand a MB can easily replace a desktop, thus to my mind it is the more useful.


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Oct 14, 2013
Thank you all for your opinions. You are right, the Mac mini is weaker element of the family and probably will be sold. I will keep my monitor + apple keyboard + apple trackpad for the times when the MacBook will be in desk mode.